From The Field: Monroe County Judicial Sale 2012

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, I went to the Judicial Tax Sale held by Monroe County, PA. As an investor and 3rd party bidder, I went with the intention of picking up properties for much less than current market value. I had not been to this particular auction since 2007, when after moving to the county in 2006, I discovered that the state I moved to was a tax deed state. Before that I lived in New York City, where tax liens are issued against property and then go through the foreclosure process if the liens are not paid. In Pennsylvania if someone does not pay their property taxes for two years, their property is then sold at auction to the highest bidder. I did not have high expectations on winning properties that I had my eye on, but the hope was ever present. Continue reading

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Answers To Questions About Florida Tax Liens

With the Florida online tax lien auctions coming up I’m getting a lot of questions about bidding at the online Florida Tax Sales. So here are answers to a couple of frequently asked questions about the Florida tax lien certificates:

Question: Why do investors typically bid down to .25% in Florida? Continue reading

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5 Steps to Buying Tax Liens Online

There are five steps that you need to follow in order to be a successful tax lien investor whether you investing in tax liens online or in person. But how you follow out these steps is just a little different for the online tax sale. I like to use the acronym “STEPS” to describe these five steps.

The 5 Steps To Buying Good Liens Online Are:

  1. Select where you will invest
  2. Track down the tax sale information
  3. Evaluate the tax sale properties
  4. Prepare to bid at the sale
  5. Show up and bid!

As I mentioned earlier these are the same five steps that you would use to get ready for any tax sale whether it is an online or live tax sale. However for participating in the online tax liens sales, you have to go about these steps a little differently. So let’s take them one by one and go over what it is you need to do for each step. Continue reading

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Buying Tax Liens Online Update

I created the online home study course, “Buying Tax Liens Online”, back in 2009. And because the number of counties offering online tax sales increases each year the course is continually being updated. Not all states have online tax lien sales, but there are new counties that have online tax sales each year. That’s why I update the Buying Tax Liens Online course each year.

This year there are new counties in Maryland and Louisiana that are having their tax sales online for the first time. I’ll be revealing these counties as well as the dates of the sales and the website for the tax sales in my Members Webinar Training on Wednesday May 9. This is a very timely training because these tax sales are coming up in May and June. Continue reading

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Monday Motivation: Monitor Your Progress Regularly

Here’s another motivational message from my friend Arnfried from Be Motivated Today:

Monitor your progress regularly to determine whether you are on track to achieve your goals. Things don’t always work out according to plan. Then it’s time to evaluate and make adjustments.

Adjust your plans if you need to. It is better to change a deadline than to get despondent and give up on your goal. Constantly evaluate and adjust your plans according to the situation. The economy, your family responsibilities or your health may require a change of pace or plan. Don’t abandon the goal, just move the deadline.

Adjust your lifestyle. Consider habits which could be hindering the outworking of your plans.
For example. Your television watching habits could be adjusted to give you more time in the evenings.

Never give up on your goals! Continue reading

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