Q & A for Canadians and Other Foreign Investors

This applies to other foreign investors as well

Recently there has been a lot of interest in tax lien investing from foreign investors, especially our neighbors to the north. I’ve gotten some questions or comments from Canadian investors that lead me to think that there are certain people promoting tax lien investing to foreigners that are not telling the whole story. I thought it would be helpful to my foreign subscribers to post my answers to these comments here so that everyone could benefit. Continue reading

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Tax Lien Lady’s Inner Circle Coaching

InnerCircle_headerAre you concerned about the economy? Are you sick and tired of watching the money in your retirement account disappear? Want to learn how you can prepare for what’s ahead, protect your retirement, and profit from high yielding, real estate guaranteed, U.S. tax lien certificates.

How would you like to invest your money without worrying about another stock market crash, in an investment where your money will keep getting the same high return regardless of what happens to the market. And what if that return is mandated by state government, and real estate guaranteed, would that be of interest to you? Continue reading

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10 Tips For Bidding On Tax Deed Properties

Last week I wrote about my experience at the Monroe County Judicial tax sale. I could have gone on and on about the investors I met the novices that I got to talk to, or some of the big-shot out-of-towners that I now will have lunch with at a future date. But I just wanted to point out some of the highlights of a long and eventful day. I truly believe that attending a tax sale auction is an event that everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime. I was disappointed that I did not win 2 houses I was bidding on. It was something to see $1.6 million spent on 133 properties in a period of less than 6 hours. As I attend more auctions in the near future, I hope to have the opportunity to not only share my observation, but to win and share in those secrets of my success. Continue reading

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Monday Motivation

Here’s another motivational message from my friend Arnfried at Be Motivated Today. This is one that I have a different opinion about and you can read my response to it in the comments.

We all hate it when things happen all around us and we have no control or part to play in the events. Like when a family member is ill and we can do nothing about. Or when others are struggling and we can’t help them.

But we also hate it if things are not working out in our life and we feel we have no control. Perhaps in our marriage, parenting, friendships or finances. The good news is that you have more control than you think! You want to make things happen yourself and you can. You may feel at times that there is nothing you can do, but most times you can pick up the phone, make a call and get some advice. Then follow the advice. But you have to make the first move. Take the initiative to improve things for yourself.

Here is a joke I heard many years ago: Continue reading

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From The Field: Monroe County Judicial Sale 2012

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, I went to the Judicial Tax Sale held by Monroe County, PA. As an investor and 3rd party bidder, I went with the intention of picking up properties for much less than current market value. I had not been to this particular auction since 2007, when after moving to the county in 2006, I discovered that the state I moved to was a tax deed state. Before that I lived in New York City, where tax liens are issued against property and then go through the foreclosure process if the liens are not paid. In Pennsylvania if someone does not pay their property taxes for two years, their property is then sold at auction to the highest bidder. I did not have high expectations on winning properties that I had my eye on, but the hope was ever present. Continue reading

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