The Keys to Tax Lien Investing Success

Want to know the keys to tax lien investing success?key  to success

It’s simple – the keys to your success at investing in tax liens or tax deeds are these 3 things:

  • Education
  • Information
  • Automation

You need the education to know the how to avoid costly mistakes and know the procedures that you need to follow. Continue reading

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Passive Income From Tax Delinquent Properties?

The Land GeekMy Friend Mark Podolsky, known online as the Land Geek, is now a multimillionaire. He has created a life changing passive income from tax delinquent properties.  But a few short years ago, he was broke and in debt. He took all the money he had an invested in tax delinquent land, which he sold at a profit. And he continued to do that until he had amassed over a million dollars and created a passive income – all from investing in tax delinquent properties.

And he does it with land, not houses. That’s right, no tenants,  toilets, or termites for him! If you’ve been getting my newsletter you may have noticed that he’s been a regular contributor. He has some great tips for doing due diligence on tax sale properties. Want to know why? He buys tax sale properties – vacant land, site unseen, and he’s got his due diligence down to a science. But the best part that he doesn’t even bid at the tax sale.

I’m honored and excited to  be the host for his first live webinar exclusively for my subscribers! I’ve also convinced him to come to my next conference.  Actually what he teaches is nothing that I haven’t heard before – it’s how he does it and the results that he and his students gets that make the difference. Find out why I’m so excited about the methods and strategies that he teaches. Sign up for our special FREE webinar training on Tuesday December 10, 2013. You can get more information and register at

“See” you Tuesday!


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Black Friday Sale on Our Best Selling Tax Lien Investing Home Study Course

hotsaleAnnouncing a Black Friday Sale on our best selling Tax Lien Investing home study course

“Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio,” the comprehensive tax lien investing home study course has just been updated for 2013 and 2014. This course hasn’t been updated since early 2011, and we’ve put a lot of new information in the course. We’ve kept the price of this course very low since we’ve first introduced it in 2009, so with this last update the price has doubled. But I want to give you the chance to get this brand new version for the old price.

The course consists of 8 webinar lessons that go over the 7 steps to building a profitable tax lien portfolio. It also includes a private, one-on-one coaching session, 2 months membership to the Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area, and a free ticket to Tax Lien Lady’s workshops and conferences.  Here’s what you’ll be able to do after going through this step-by-step online learning course: Continue reading

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Where are the Online Tax Sales Now?

strategy for tax lien investingThe Online deed sales in Michigan are over and so are the online tax lien sales in Colorado. So where are the online tax sales now? 

There are still a bunch of online tax sales coming up in November and December, most of them are deed sales in Florida, but there are also a couple of online tax lien sales coming up in New Jersey and a couple of Online tax deed sales in the state of Washington. Here’s what you need to know about these tax sales. Continue reading

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Free Webinar: “The Texas 2-Step for Tax Sales”

What’s the Texas 2-Step for Tax Sales? Watch the replay of this live webinar with the Tax Lien Lady and Arnie Abramson of Texas Tax Sale Resource Group to find out. Watch it now at:!

We did have a great webinar, here’s what some the participants in the live webinar had to say about it:

“I came in late and did not get it all but was intrigued by what I heard. I have attempted to teach myself about Texas Tax sales and have found it very time consuming and highly variable. Having a business provide a pathway and turnkey operation is very attractive to me. Thanks!” – Charles Walker

“It was a great webinar. Thank you for scheduling a webinar with Arnie. His information was very helpful.” – Laura Cicholsky

“I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far…  You’re definitely the “real deal” and not some hyped up Guru… thanks!” – Marian Huish

Find out what everybody’s talking about…

Watch the replay now at:


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