Complimentary Teleseminar on How To Buy Tax Liens

new webinar trainingsIf you want to learn how to buy tax liens,  using the stealth investment strategies that the Tax Lien Lady teaches to her members and students than listen to this free teleseminar recording.

On this call you’ll learn about the best strategies for buying tax liens and tax defaulted properties in today’s competitive market. Many of the so called tax lien investing experts will try to tell you that the way to get tax liens at the best rates is to get the “over-the-counter” or left-over liens. They’ll tell you that the tax sales are so competitive that you can’t get good interest rates at the tax sale, and that there are so many tax liens left over that your best bet is to get the left over from the county. That way you get the maximum interest, you can buy at any time, not just at the tax sale that is only held once a year, and you can even get a lien that’s ready to foreclose….NOT! Continue reading

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Tax Lien Investing Survey Results

tax lien investing survey results Here’s what you told us you want in our tax lien investing survey.

The first question on the survey was about what you help with most and we told you to pick the 2 of the 4 that were most important to you, and here are the results: Continue reading

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Tax Deed Investing: How Important Is It To Check For Notification?

tax deed investingJust how important is it to check for proper notification before you buy a tax deed?

It’s very important, and could mean the difference between owning the property or losing it to either the original owner, a lien holder, or one of the original owner’s heirs and you can read about in this article from

Click Here for an abstract of the article

In this case the investor made 2 mistakes. It appears that he did check for notification and knew that the owner was not properly notified, but he purchased the property at the tax sale anyway. His second error was that he did not record the deed to the property. Some PA counties will record the deed for you (and charge you a nominal fee for that, as well as a realty transfer fee) when you purchase the property. But in other counties the investor is responsible for recording the deed.

It all goes to show that you really do need to know what you are doing when you purchase a tax deed. There is much more to doing your due diligence before buying a property at a tax sale then assessing the value of the property. It’s all covered in depth in lesson 3 of the Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio home study course – which covers investing in tax deeds as well as tax liens. Find out more about it and enroll today at

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What’s Better Than Investing In Secondary Tax Liens?

making money from homeI like purchasing secondary tax liens from investors that I know and trust. By purchasing secondary tax liens you can avoid bidding at the tax sale. You still have to do your due diligence, but if you’re purchasing from an investor or entity you can trust sometimes they will actually do all the due diligence before they assign the lien to you. There are things to watch out for when purchasing secondary liens but it makes your work a whole lot easier since the original investor did most of the work and the bidding at the tax sale. You can purchase a lien that’s ready to foreclose. If the lien redeems sometime during the foreclosure process, you get redeemed right away and your money isn’t tied up for the entire redemption period. One of my coaching clients made 30% on his investment in only 9 months with this strategy! Continue reading

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What’s More Profitable Than Tax Deed Sales?

hud home profitsAre you tired of being bid up or out bid by the competition at tax deed sales?

How would you like to have a more profitable way to invest your money than buying properties at tax deed sales and having to clear the title and rehab the property before you can make a profit?

What if you could:

  • Bid on properties without a lot of competition
  • Win bids at less than 70% of the property’s market value
  • Have good title to the property when you buy
  • Do little or no rehab
  • Sell quickly to a cash buyer and make a fast profit

If this sounds good to you, you’ll want to watch this special webinar training with the Tax Lien Lady and Mark Jackson of Investor Comps Online, to learn just how this strategy works…

Click Here To Watch The Video




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