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Tax Lien Investing Basics: Can I Make My Income From Tax Liens?

People want to know how much money they need to get started in tax lien investing and if this is something that they can use as their main source of income. In this article you’ll learn what it takes to get started and how much money you need to invest in order to turn buying tax liens into your main income source. Continue reading

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Your Tax Lien Investing Questions Answered

Here are some tax investing questions that I’ve gotten this week and the answers.
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Your Questions Answered: Subsequent Taxes and Left-Over Liens

Tweet This week I received 2 very good questions from subscribers that I wanted to answer for you on this blog so that everyone can benefit from them. And each of these questions is a multi-part question that requires more … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Questions

Tweet Here’s my answer to a question from Mike about subsequent tax payments and lien priority: Question: From what I have read, it says that if you don’t pay the subsequent taxes on the lien you bought you lose priority. … Continue reading

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Myths About Tax Lien Investing

Tweet Do you fall for these myths about tax lien investing? There are many myths out there about tax lien investing and it’s difficult to know fact from fiction, and it’s even more difficult to know who to listen to … Continue reading

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