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Online Tax Deed Sales Webinar Training

Tweet I will be conducting a webinar training on “Buying Tax Deeds Online Now,” on Wednesday June 16 at 9pm Eastern. Each month TaxLienLady.com Members Area offers a Webinar Training on a different topic. Members get to sign up for … Continue reading

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What is a Tax Lien Agent?

A Tax Lien Agent is a person or a company that will purchase tax lien certificates and/or tax deeds for an investor. So if you are one of those people who would love to put your money into safe, high yielding tax liens or tax deeds, but you don?t have a clue about how to do it properly, and you don?t have the time to learn, then you may want to invest through a tax lien agent.

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What’s Wrong With Tax Deed Investing?

Tweet You may have heard that tax deed investing is a great way to purchase properties for back taxes. But here are some reasons why it doesn’t always work out that way. First of all these tax sales can be … Continue reading

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X Marks the Spot(s)…

Tweet Whether you are investing in tax lien certificates, tax deeds, redeemable tax deeds or if you are using advanced strategies to invest in tax delinquent properties like buying properties before they are sold at the tax sale, the first … Continue reading

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Tax Lien Lady’s Due Diligence Checklist for Tax Deeds

Purchasing tax deeds calls for some extra due diligence since you are actually purchasing the property and not just paying the taxes and putting a lien on the property as you are when you invest in a tax lien. Here is a checklist that you can follow when you are getting ready to purchase tax deeds. Please be advised that this is for educational purposes only and should not take the place of any legal advice.

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