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Chicago Tax Lien Investing Workshop Update

Tweet We’ve had a couple of last minute changes to our Chicago Tax Lien Investing Workshop coming up this Friday, July 26 at the Donald E. Stephen’s Convention Center. We will have a pre-registration on Thursday evening right outside the conference room … Continue reading

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From The Field: Monroe County PA Judical Tax Sale

Tweet I went to the Monroe County PA ‘Judicial’ Tax Sale this past week. Many counties in Pennsylvania have 2 tax sales. The ‘Upset’ tax sale – which is usually held in the fall and the ‘Judicial’ tax that is … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Due Diligence For Tax Deeds

Doing your due diligence is the most important element of investing in tax deeds. Doing it properly can lead to lots of profit, while ignoring this aspect of tax deed investing could cost you your investment.

Here are 5 tips to help you do your due diligence on tax deed properties to insure that you make a profitable investment!

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5 Reasons Why People Fail At Tax Lien Investing

Read this article to find out the 5 major reasons why people fail at tax lien investing. Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Tax Lien Certificates Unless You’ve Done Your Homework!

This is another article that I wrote a few years ago that has information that is very much needed today. I thought that I should publish this article again because I frequently get people that e-mail me after they’ve already gone to a tax sale and purchased a lien or deed on a property that hadn’t done proper due diligence on. Sometimes they luck out anyway, but often they get burnt. I want to keep you from making the mistakes that could cost you your investment or at least prevent you from making a profit. So please read this article!

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