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5 STEPS To Buying Profitable Tax Liens

Once you have purchased your first tax lien or liens, you need to take some steps to protect your investment and evetually you collect your profit. But before you protect your investment and profit from it, you first need to prepare to be a successful tax lien investor by taking the steps necessary to buy profitable liens. Here are what I call the 5 S.T.E.P.S to purchasing profitable tax liens. Continue reading

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Chicago Tax Lien Investing Workshop Update

Tweet We’ve had a couple of last minute changes to our Chicago Tax Lien Investing Workshop coming up this Friday, July 26 at the Donald E. Stephen’s Convention Center. We will have a pre-registration on Thursday evening right outside the conference room … Continue reading

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Chicago Tax Lien Investing Conference

In Chicago, we’ll still be talking about ways to Profit faster from tax lien investing, but we’ll be in Illinois, the most profitable tax lien state. The PIP boys will tell you all about Illinois tax sales AND how you can buy secondary Illinois tax liens that are ready to foreclose now. Continue reading

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The 3 Most Profitable States For Tax Lien Investing

Tweet What Are the 3 most profitable states for tax lien investing? None of the 3 most profitable states for tax lien investing have online tax sales. You have to show up in person at the tax sale, or have an agent … Continue reading

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Liens, Deeds, and Overages..Oh My!

Tweet So many ways to make a profit from delinquent tax sale properties, but which way is right for you? Which way is the easiest and most profitable? Well that all depends on where you live, how much time you … Continue reading

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