Get Filthy Rich From Dirt Cheap Houses

Are You Leaving $10 Bills in the Street?

Have you heard about expert real estate investing trainer Larry Goins? One of the things that drives him absoloutely crazy is something that he sees all the time from many of the new real estate investors out there:

Everyone is going after that one big deal while they are passing by thousands of dollars in the meantime.  It’s like they’re walking down the street while lines of people are trying to hand them $10 bills,and these investors say, ‘Oh, no thanks.  I’m looking for a hundred dollar bill instead!’

Do you know how silly that sounds? Would you turn down (20 or more) $10 bills being handed out because you wanted to find 1 – $100 bill? I certainly hope not. That brings me to a little secret that Larry Goins uncovers in this revolutionary webinr: Continue reading

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Monday Motivation: Plan For Financial Success

Here’s a motivational message from my friend Arnfried at Be Motivated Today that hit home for me about having a plan for financial success, maybe it’s something that you need as well…

Can I be honest with you?
If you want financial success, you have to have a plan. Millions of people want to be wealthy, but only those with a clear, executable plan will achieve it. A vague hope that your fortunes will turn around or that one day your ship will come in, is just that – a vague hope. Continue reading

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Buy Tax Liens From Home!

making money from homeOne of the advanced techniques that I teach in my More Profit From Tax Liens course is how to buy tax liens without leaving home.

I know that there are some tax lien investing “experts” that claim the best way for you to get tax liens at the maximum interest rate, without bidding down the interest, is to buy the left-over or “over-the-counter” liens from the county. The problem with buying these left-over liens though is that there aren’t many good liens left after the tax sale. These gurus claim that bidding at tax sales is just so competitive that in order to get anything good you should buy direct from the county. My concern about that strategy is that if the bidding is really that  competitive (and it is – there are sometimes thousands of bids on one lien), then what makes you think that there is anything good left over? Continue reading

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Payment Plan Now Available For Tax Lien Investing Home Study Course

It just became more affordable to profit from tax lien certificates and tax deeds, now that you can get Tax Lien Lady’s Tax Lien Investing home study course in 4 easy monthly payments.

The great thing about tax lien investing is that you can get started with small amounts of money – hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands that are needed for most other types of high yield investments. I know because I have had a few tax liens that I originally purchased from $200 – $500 and have been able to almost double my money a few years later. I would not have been able to do that with any other investment, and I want you to be able to do that too. Continue reading

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Monday Motivation: Forgiving

not forgiving is like drinking poisonSomeone once said: “Bearing a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

It often seems impossible to forgive, because the pain is so great. Yet the awesome reality is, that when we forgive we feel a tremendous release as the burden of resentment is lifted. Sometimes we don’t even want to contemplate forgiving those who have offended us. But one just has to make that decision and do it. The benefit is worth it. Less pain & tension, fewer headaches and much more peace. Yes, definitely more peace. Continue reading

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