2 Ways To Buy Houses For $5000

$6,000 online tax sale property Buy Properties Cheap For Cash!

Most people are not interested in paying cash for a house. Even in today’s market when you can buy a decent 3 bedroom 2 bath home for $100,000 or less in a lot of decent markets, not many people have enough cash saved to pay for a house without financing. The only problem with getting a loan today to purchase property though is that the banks aren’t giving them out, especially to investors. But what if you could own a house that was worth $100,000 and only pay $15,000 for it. Or what if you could pay 5-10K for a house that is worth $75,000. Would you be interested in paying cash for it? Continue reading

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Update For Online Tax Sales This Fall

online tax lien salesIn a previous post I told you about the Fall online tax sales and I mentioned that the states of Indiana and Colorado both have online tax lien sales that are conducted in the Fall.

Indiana Online Tax Sales

I recently found out the handfull of Indiana counties that had their tax lien sales online last year have elected not have online tax sales this year. But 2 Indiana counties – Lake and Kosciusko counties are having online tax sales this year. Lake county had their tax sale in August but the Kosciusko county tax sale is coming up in October. You can get the information and register for this tax sale at www.sri-auctionsonline.com.

Colorado Online Tax Sales

The 12 Colorado counties that had online tax lien sales last year will be conducting their tax sales online again this year. The interest rate has been determined at 10% (9% over prime) again this year as it was for 2011. Three of these counties also have their tax sales conducted by www.sri-auctionsonline.com and the other counties are on www.RealAuction.com. For detailed training on how to register and bid at these tax sales and find out about online tax sales at other times of the year, see my Buying Tax Liens Online course at www.BuyingTaxLiensOnline.com.


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Monday Motivation: The Secret To A Good Marriage

I hope that you had a great weekend. I did – it all started on Saturday evening when my husband and I celebrated with friends who have been married for 50 years! This couple is very young at heart and a great testimony to my husband and myself. They have 5 children and 19 grandchildren and have been through many ups and downs together. My husband Bill and I will also be having our anniversary later this month – our 26th.  

In light of wedding anniversaries and marriages that withstand lifes ups and downs, here is a really helpful 10-minute audio recording on how to practically love your spouse or partner from my friend Arnfried at Be Motivated Today. Listen to this short audio to learn the secret to a good marriage.

You can listen to it at http://www.BeMotivatedToday.com/content.asp?pageId=266&refcode=71058


Be all you can be,


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Larry Goins “Filthy Riches” Webinar

Larry GoinsThe Larry Goins “Filthy Riches” Webinar Was A Big Hit! Here’s what participants had to say about it: 

“Larry Goins is onthe money. Looking forward to get the course… the webinar is right on point. Larry, tells it like it is. The program itself is worth every penny. And thanks to Joanne for having him on the webinar.”  ….Michael Gordon

“This is AWESOME….This a market that is serving a real need.   Many cannot qualify for a homeowners loan.  Everyone wins in this situation!” …Liz Collier

“This is actually doable” ….Wendy McKenzie

“A very good program from an honet person” …Anthony Larman

“Larry made it so easy to understand the whole process of buying and selling real estate.”….Ruben C.

“Very impressed with Larry putting his ‘Faith in Action’…  There was a question about foreclosing on someone who can’t pay the rent… Larry talked about working with them first, reducing the rent, etc, and even GIVING THE HOUSE (if you’ve already made your profit) to someone truly in need. AWESOME.”….Dave Meekhof

And here’s a special note from one participant that really made me feel good about having this webinar:

“I just came from my cousin’s funeral this afternoon and the minister was speaking about ministry and giving back, which really resonated with me.

Even though I give back through other skill sets that I was blessed to possess, I really want to get involved with real estate to ultimately restore the quality of life of individuals with financial constraints… And whalla, you and Larry’s beautiful spirit revived my since of purpose.”

Stay Blessed, Ernest Bankhead III, Chicago, IL

Take the time now to register here and get the replay


You’ll be glad you did!

Encouraging You To Profit,






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Save A Life After 9/11

Here’s a message that I got from my friend Jack Bosch on 9/11. I believe this is something worthwhile so I went ahead and mad a contribution. I hope that you’ll join Jack and I and make a contribution too. A contribution as small as $3.00 can help!

This has nothing to do with Land or Tax Delinquent Property investing. It is about you (and me) saving lives. I’m writing to tell you about a tremendous opportunity—of a slightly different kind.

It’s an opportunity to make a very real difference in our world by helping hundreds of thousands of our returning troops and veterans heal from war. Continue reading

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