Video Tip: Online Tax Lien Sales

Here’s a quick 2 minute video tip with a couple of websites for the online tax lien sales.

But what online tax sales are coming up now?

Which ones are worth the time and effort for you to bid at?

For more information about the online tax sales that are coming up now and which ones I think are worth bidding at and which are not (and why) listen to the recording of my last free teleseminar at

Our next free tax lien investing teleseminar is Wednesday November 5 at 8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time. I’ll be talking about the importance of due diligence and what you need to know about tax sale properties before you bid at the tax sale. And I’ll be answering YOUR questions, so register now and let me know your question about doing due diligence for tax sales at You can listen to the call through your phone or your computer. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call, there will be a recording, so register and ask your question anyway. You’ll here the answer on the replay!

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Columbus Day 2 for 1 Sale!

Columbus Day SaleBecause I am of Italian decent, I had to do something very special for Columbus Day!

My father’s parents and my mother’s grandparents both came to the United States from Italy. My husband also shares my heritage. Both his maternal and fraternal grandparents came from Italy. To celebrate Columbus Day this year, I’ve decided to have a 2 for 1 sale on some of my best selling programs. Take your pick, but hurry the sale is from today through midnight Eastern Time Columbus Day only!

Here’s how this special works:

Enroll in the “Tax Lien Profits Group” for 1 year, and get the Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio home study program for free….

If you enroll in a yearly membership (cost of $955) before midnight on Columbus day and I’ll also give you my 8 lesson “Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio” program – a $997 value, for free! Just go to www. to find out more about the program, but don’t buy it! Instead go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and get the yearly membership for less than the price of home study program, then get the home study program for free! And don’t forget, you also get 3 of my other courses when you become a yearly member – Buying Tax Liens Online, Online Tax Deed Sales and Tracking Your Liens. This is perfect timing for the Colorado online tax liens sales that are coming up this month and next.

Tax Lien Investing Basics and Tax Lien Investing Secrets…

Get my Tax Lien Investing Basics home study course for $197 and I’ll give you my Tax Lien Investing Secrets II home study course (another $197) for free. Just go to to order.

2 Home Study Courses for Only $97…

Buy the Online Tax Deed Sales home study course and I’ll give you Tax Foreclosure Fortunes for free! You can order the Online Tax Sales program at

Just order anytime from now until midnight Columbus Day (Eastern Time) and send me an email letting me know of your order and I will send you your free course for the Columbus Day 2 for 1 offer!

Happy Columbus Day!


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Free Tax Lien Investing Teleseminar

new webinar trainingsWe’ll be having another free tax lien investing teleseminar on Wednesday October 1, to give everyone another peak into Tax Lien Lady’s members area. On this call I’ll be talking about what online tax sales are coming up now and how you can get involved. Here is the registration link:

Many of the so called tax lien investing experts will imply that you can invest in tax liens online anywhere in the U.S., but that’s not the case. What these experts fail to tell is that only a few states have online tax sales. And even among the states that do, not all counties will have their
tax sales online. Continue reading

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Complimentary Webinar Training – Make Money With Judgment Liens

iStock_000002894095XSmallI’ve recently come across a unique opportunity to make money with judgment liens that will allow you to:

– Claim your stake in a $2 TRILLION dollar industry and have next-to-zero competitors for your deals.

– Make money without buying, selling, or renting a property. (This works in commercial, residential, even land.)

– Turn just $1 into a very large profit (up to tens-of-thousands) with very little work.

– Start this week with just a few short hours of training (no license needed) with no previous experience and no financial risk.

– Invest only a few hours from your computer… even while watching TV. (And earn at least very nice $2,000 finder’s fees.) Continue reading

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Secondary Tax Lien Redemption

tax lien redemption

How can you get a faster tax lien redemption?

You can profit faster from tax liens by purchasing a lien that is ready to foreclose. By investing in secondary tax liens you can shorten the time it takes to the tax lien redemption or foreclosure. Here’s an example of a tax lien redemption where I got a 49.5% return on my money in only 15 months from the time that I purchased the lien. In reality it only took only 6 months to redeem, but the county lost the original check and had to reissue it and that took some time. In any case it was much faster than if I had purchased the lien at the tax sale myself and then waited the 2 1/2 year redemption period and then started foreclosure. If the original investor had hung onto this lien instead of selling it to me they would have a little more than doubled their original investment, but it would have taken more than 3 years. I bought the secondary lien from an investor (through the agent who did all of the work including the foreclosure) and then initiated foreclosure. The property owner then redeemed the lien and I made 49.5% on my money in a little more than a year!

Here’s what the numbers look like: Continue reading

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