Free Teleseminar: The Best Investing Strategies For 2015

The Best Investing Strategies for 2015 is the topic of Tax Lien Lady’s next free teleseminar on Wednesday, December 3, at 8:30 EST.

Tax lien investing has gotten very competitive over the last couple of years due to many new institutional players entering the market place. The industry has changed drastically. So what’s a tax lien investor to do? Can you still get double digit returns at lien investing? How about high single digit returns, is it still possible to get them? I will let you know just what’s going on in the industry in my next free teleseminar and will fill you in on what I think are the best strategies to get the best returns in today’s market.

This year I was able to cash in and make over 40% on one of my liens (and that was in only 15 months) with one of the strategies that I’ll tell you about.

Click on the video quick tip and find out more about our next teleseminar, then register at and let me know what question you would like me to answer about tax lien and tax deed investing strategies on the next call!

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Tax Lien Investing Video Tip: Due Diligence Mistakes

Learn about 3 common mistakes that new investors make when doing their due diligence on tax lien properties in this short tax lien investing video tip.

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How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started With Tax Lien Investing

How much money do you really need to get started with tax lien investing? This is a question that I get all the time, so I decided to do a quick tip video to give you my answer. Click on the 2 and half minute video below to get my answer and find out if you’re ready to get started with tax lien investing!

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Successful Investing Tip – Be Prepared To Bid

bidding at the tax saleBe Prepared To Bid – Did you ever go to a tax sale not fully prepared to bid? Recently I went to a tax sale and was able to purchase a small lien at 7%. I could have purchased one or two more liens if I had been more prepared to bid. I only brought $500 with me, thinking that the sale would be so competitive I wouldn’t get the chance to bid. And that if I did get the opportunity to win more than one lien, I would have time to go to the bank and get the money. I was wrong on both counts.

Although there was competition at this tax sale, it wasn’t as stiff as the tax sales that I had been to previously. Perhaps because this tax sale was at a very out of the way town and there were no large liens for sale, there were less bidders at this sale. Had I brought more money with me and not relied on the tax collector giving investors time to go to the bank afterward I may have been able to get a couple more liens. I used to say that part of the battle is just showing up but now I know that is not entirely the case. It’s not just showing up, but showing up prepared to bid and take advantage of any opportunity that may present itself.

Do you have an experience of going to a tax sale where you wish you were more prepared? If so share it in the comments below.

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Are You Bidding Premium For Tax Liens?

fall tax sales

fall tax sales

Right now there are tax lien sales going on in three different states where premium is bid for tax liens. “What is premium,” You might ask, since at many tax lien sales it’s the interest rate that is bid down at the tax sale. Premium or “over-bid” as it is referred to in some states is an amount over and above the amount of the tax lien that is bid in order to get the lien. In this case it is the investor who is willing to pay the most amount of money for the tax lien that is awarded the bid.

The three states that have tax liens this time of year in which premium is bid are Colorado, Indiana, and New Jersey. Each of these states treat the premium bid differently and it’s very important to know what happens to the premium you bid before you bid at the tax sale in any of these states. Each of these states also have at least a few counties or municipalities that conduct online tax sales. Here is a short summary of what happens to the over-bid or premium for tax liens in each of these states. Continue reading

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