Tax Lien Investing Trends For 2015

How did you do this past year with your tax lien investing? Did you buy any tax liens or tax deeds? How profitable were you? Are you finding it harder to compete, or are you afraid to jump in to investing in tax liens or deeds? Here is my assessment of went on in the tax lien investing industry in 2014, what’s ahead for this year, and what I’m currently doing to insure profitability with my investments. Continue reading

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Buy Arizona Tax Liens Online Done-With-You Training

Want To Learn How You Can Buy Arizona Tax Liens Online?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to invest in tax liens but you’ve held back because you’re afraid of making a costly mistake. Maybe you’ve even bought a home study course, or went to a seminar and got all excited about it, but then chickened out because you didn’t know the exact steps to take? Or maybe you even took some steps to get started but you weren’t sure if what you did was right and you just didn’t want to take the chance of doing something wrong and losing money instead of making the profit that you wanted?

If that’s the case than you don’t have to sit on the fence any longer, hearing about how others made a profit while your money just sits in your bank account making less than 1%, or even worse, it’s in the stock market and the market just took a tumble (Oh No!). This doesn’t have to be you any longer, not if you join me in my first ever done with you training, just in time for the Arizona online tax sales. Now you can learn to buy Arizona tax liens online, get step-by-step, hands-on training and you don’t have leave your home!

It’s all starting in February and you can learn all about it and find out if this training is for you on our next free webinar Wednesday January 28 at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Get all of the details and register at

There Is A Catch…

I’m limiting the available spots in this upcoming training to only 10 people so that I have the time to give everyone my full attention and the help that they need. So if you want to find out more about this done-with-you training now and you don’t want to wait until the webinar, you find out more and enroll now at


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New Jersey Tax Foreclosed Properties For Sale

Here’s an opportunity for you to buy New Jersey tax foreclosed properties way under market value!

One of the bidders that I know in New Jersey is also the largest buyers of secondary liens in that state. They have a list of New Jersey tax foreclosed properties for sale. Some of these properties are listed with a realtor and you’ll see when you do your due diligence on them that they are listed for quite a bit more than the asking price here.

These properties are sold free and clear and with clear title. There are different types of properties on the list from vacant land to vacant residential homes. The asking price is listed but the seller is open to offers. These properties are sold “as is,” so you have to do your due diligence – look at the property and get rehab estimates before submitting an offer.

If you are interested in any of these properties and would like to make an offer. Do your due diligence first (if you need help with this let me know) bring me your offer and I’ll submit for you and put you in contact with the seller.

Here’s the list of properties for sale:

Property Address

Township Price
Mer-Edinburg Rd Hamilton 10K
139 Chestnut Dennis 29K
106 Keswick Ewing 15K
32 Weber Ave Ewing 32K
51 Sheridan St Irvington 119K
1804-1806 Kings Highway Swedesboro 55K
109 Firth Ave Mantua 20K
15 Riverveiw Dr Elsinboro 40K
30 Nelson Elsinboro 35K
4 Costellation Pl Jersey city 5K
128 East Federal St Burlington City 29K
139 Shore Blvd Keansburgh 39K
25 W Monroe St Paulsboro 30K
183 Landing Rd Downe 10K
409 Arion Ct Aberdeen 10K
656 Main St Maurice River 35K
109 Broad St Milllvile 25K
710 Blackwood-Clementon Pine Hill 30K
549 Landis Ave Deerfield 75k
116 Elm St Trenton 19K
617 Whitaker Ave Trenton 50K
309 Stacy St Burlington City 35K
210 Academy St Highstown 49K
14 Capitol St Paulsboro 39K
1209 Embury Neptune Twp 25K
714 Atlantic Ave Hamilton Twp 55K
3301 Tall Pines Pine Hill 60K
23 Players Blvd Fredon 500K

Some Resources To Help With Due Diligence

For assessment data and GIS mapping of properties you can register for a free membership at

Some of these properties are listed for sale and you can find the listing with pictures and get market value estimates from or

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Make 2015 Your Most Prosperous Year

NewYear2015Happy New Year!! Are you ready to make 2015 your most prosperous year ever?

Did you know that according to numerology this year is a year for prosperity? If you take the numbers of the year and add them together, 2+0+1+5 = 8. The number 8 corresponds to prosperity, wealth, and financial abundance.

If you set a goal or new year’s resolution to be more prosperous this year, then I’d like to help. Continue reading

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Investing For Retirement Quick Tip

If like me you don’t have 20 years left to retirement you might not want to rely on the stock market to grow your nest egg…So here’s an investing for retirement quick tip in the video below:

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