Meet Me Live In Atlanta

I’ll be in Atlanta Georgia doing live one-on-one consults for one day only – Thursday March 19. Here’s just some of the things that I could help you with during a live consult:

  • Find the best place for you to invest
  • Find the best strategy for you
  • Help you filter a tax sale list
  • Help you do due diligence on tax sale properties
  • Find the tax sale information
  • determine how much bid on properties
  • and the list goes on…

I’ve got 5 – 50 minute spots available on Thursday March 18, starting at 4pm. Get more information and enroll at Or get a free hour session when you enroll in my Inner Circle Elite Coaching Program.

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The Easy Button For Tax Lien And Tax Deed Investing

Watch this short quick tip video to find out about what I call the easy button for tax lien and tax deed investing:

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What You Should Know About Arizona Tax Sales

Arizona tax sales There are a few changes to procedures in some counties for the Arizona tax sales, particularly the online tax sales. Here’s what you need to know for this year’s online tax sales in Arizona:

The Single Simultaneous Bidder Rule

Pinal and Yavapai counties incorporated this rule last year and this year Coconino county has a “single simultaneous bidder rule.” That means that not only can you not bid under a different name or entity, it also means that if you register to bid at one of these tax sales, you cannot have a contractual, legal or financial relationship with any other bidding entity registered in the same sale. It means that anyone who files a joint tax return with you is not allowed to register in that tax sale, and any entity that you are involved in is not allowed to register to bid at the tax sale either. So if you have interest in a fund or other entity that bids at a certain one of these tax sales, then technically you cannot register to bid in that sale. Continue reading

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Arizona Tax Lien Sales

The Arizona tax lien sales are going on now!

Six of the Arizona counties have online tax lien sales and they are going on now. Three of them will end next week. Here’s a list of the AZ counties that have online tax sales with the start and end dates of the auctions. Arizona Online Tax Lien Sales I’ll be doing a training for these Arizona tax lien sales starting Thursday February 5. This is a Done-With-You training where I’ll show you how to register and bid at the tax sale, while these tax sales are going on. The training is limited to only 10 participants so that I’ll be able to give everyone in the training individual attention. This training is almost full but we do have 3 spots left. Find out more at

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Tax Lien Investing Events And Deadlines

Here’s some upcoming tax lien investing events and deadlines that I thought you’d like to know about….

Feb 2:

Early Bird Deadline for Done-With-You Training for the Arizona Online Tax Lien SalesThere are only 4 spots left for this training. Training starts on February the date

If you haven’t seen the preview webinar you can get it now at:

Feb 4:

TaxLienLady’s Q & A Teleseminar The topic of our this month’s teleseminar is “Tax Sale List Magic.” Find the best way to get tax sale lists and all the informationon you need to get the best deals? Register now at:

Feb 11:

Compimentary Webinar This month’s guest is going to show a brand new research tool that is revolutionizing the business of tax lien investing. It makes getting the tax sale and doing due diligence super easy. You can get more information and register now at:

Feb 18:

Member Training The next member training for the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator is, Wednesday February 18. Learn  more about member benefits at:

Mar 4: 

TaxLienLady’s Q & A Teleseminar The topic of this month’s teleseminar is OTC Liens and Deeds: Deals or Duds? I’ll be answering all of your questions on this free call. Register now at:

Mar 13-15:

Bus Trip! That’s right we’re planning a bus trip. Stay tuned for more information, but for now, if you’re serious about about investing with experts that will do most of the heavy lifting for including all the due diligence and teach you how to do it … then set these dates aside now!

If you have any questions about any of these dates or events, please let me know.

I look forward to helping you profit in 2015!

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