Tax Lien Investing Boot Camp

tax lien investing boot campDon’t miss our tax lien investing boot camp in Atlanta Georgia May 1-3.

It’s the tax lien investing training event of the year, where you’ll learn about the strategies for making huge profits on tax delinquent properties that are working today – not what worked 2 or 3 years ago!

Tax lien investing has gotten very competitive over the last 3 years, with more and more hedge funds and banks jumping on the tax lien investing band wagon each year. This has made it tougher for the individual investor to get those double digit returns that we’ve all heard about. That’s why I’ve teamed up with the expert real estate investors at Fortris LLC to bring you the best training for investing in tax delinquent properties that work in today’s market. These are strategies for getting the property for pennies on the dollar, and strategies for getting double digit returns on tax liens that work now, not a few years ago.

Watch this 4 minute video to learn more. Then go to and Enroll Now!

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Tax Lien Investing Training Dates & Events

Here’s a list of upcoming tax lien investing training dates & events that might interest you:

April 22

Super Strategies For Making Huge Profit With Tax Delinquent Properties – Free Teleseminartax lien investing training dates & events

May 1 – 3

Special Operations Mastery Boot Camp live training in Atlanta Georgia

May 6

Tax Lien Investing Q & A Teleseminar Faster Profit With Secondary Tax Liens Free Teleseminar

May 20

Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™ Member Webinar Training

If you have any questions about these dates or events please let me know.

I look forward to helping you build your profitable tax lien portfolio in 2015!

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Tax Lien Investing Mastery Workshop In Atlanta

 I’m on the bus with Tom and Corey!


I’m in sunny Arizona, on the OTC Purchase Party and Workshop with the guys from Fortris, and we’re all having a great time. We’ve got 18 investors on the bus with us today looking at OTC properties that Tom has identified for us  with the Research Assistant.

We had a workshop yesterday after breakfast and everyone downloaded the research assistant and learned how to use it to identify the best OTC properties to purchase from the county. Then we had a delicious lunch and got on the bus to look  at the first 3 properties. During the bus trip, Tom shared some of his strategies and case studies. When we got off the bus everyone was talking about how much they learned the entire day, both on the bus trip and in the workshop.
What an education!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got a boot camp coming up In Atlanta, May 1-3, where we’ll teach more strategies for making money from tax delinquent properties. Continue reading

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Special Tax Lien Investing Training In Phoenix Arizona

ArizonaIf you live in or around Arizona, you’ll want to know about this special tax lien investing training in Phoenix Arizona, April 10-12. The Arizona tax sales are over, and it wasn’t a pretty sight, many of the good liens were bid at rates of under 5% interest. But there were still plenty of left over liens.

The liens that are not bid on are struck off to the county, and become available for investors to purchase “over-the-counter” at the maximum interest rate (16%). Most of these leftover liens are on undesireable parcels, but a few good properties do get on this list. Continue reading

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Tax Lien Investing Quick Tip On Over The Counter Tax Liens

Here’s a short video with a tax lien investing quick tip for you on over the counter tax liens…

This is something that I haven’t really recommended for new investors in the past. But now I have 2 secret weapons to help you with this strategy – my friends at Fortris, LLC who are THE EXPERTS at buying OTC liens and deeds and their amazing new research tool, The Research Assistant. This new little piece of software makes it a lot easier to find those nuggets of gold that are hiding in that left-over tax lien list! It’s like finding needles in a haystack with a giant magnet!!

Watch the video to learn more about OTC liens and how you can the tools and hands-on, done-with-you training from myself and the experts at Fortris…..
Then go to to learn more.

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