Due Diligence For Tax Sales

Need some help doing due diligence for tax sales, deciding which properties to bid on and how much to bid?

I’m now available to do all the heavy lifting for you at tax sales in central and northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania. Watch this video quick tip to find out more.


Find out which tax sales I’m available for now at http://taxlienlady.com/done-for-you-tax-sales.


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Summer Tax Sales Going On Now!

If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock market that will let you sleep at night without worrying about losing your nest egg… and wondering how and where to get started, look no further, for there is no shortage of summer tax sales!

Just because you missed the online tax lien sales in Arizona and Florida this year doesn’t mean you can’t start investing in tax liens now. There are plenty of summer tax sales going on right now and coming up through September. Here’s a breakdown of tax lien and tax deed sales throughout the country that are going on this month or coming up next month: Continue reading

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Florida Tax Sales Video Quick Tip

Here’s a Florida tax sales video quick tip from the Tax Lien Lady along with information on how you can save on the Buying Tax Liens Online Home Study course and how to make faster profit on your liens regardless of what you bid at the tax sales. You’ll really want to know this information after you get some Florida liens! Just watch this 5 minute video to find out more…

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A Busy Month For Online Tax Sales

Buying Tax Liens OnlineJune is one of the busiest months for online tax sales now that over the last 2 or 3 years more counties have started to conduct their tax sales online. There are just a few online tax sales left this month in Florida and Maryland – most of their counties hold tax lien sales in May, but there are a few stragglers that conduct their sale in June. There are tax lien sales almost every day during the month of June in New Jersey, and now some these are online as well. Iowa counties will all hold tax lien sales on June 20, and quite a few of them now have online tax sales.

You can find online tax deed sales in June in New York, California, and Florida. There are also online tax deed sales (know as ‘adjudicated property’ sales) in Louisiana.

There’s still plenty for tax lien and tax deed investors to do in the month of June!

Need some help getting started with buying tax liens or tax deeds online? I’ve got 2 courses to help you. By Buying Tax Liens Online course contains a guide to all of the counties with online tax lien sales, with links to their websites? You can get one in the Buying Tax Liens Online course, available at www.BuyingTaxLiensOnline.com.

And when you purchase the Buying Tax Liens Online course you also get the opportunity to get my Online Tax Deed Sales program at half price. Both courses are delivered in a members site and come with lifetime updates. Because they are delivered inside a member site you always have access to any updates, but you only pay once for access.

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Profit Faster From Tax Liens No Matter What You Bid!

WhatsNewIf you’ve invested in any of the tax lien auctions over the past few years, you will have noticed that things are changing. Interest rates are bid down to new lows and in states where premium is paid for tax liens the premiums bid are getting higher and higher. There are more and more big fund companies and banks involved in tax lien investing driving profits down for everyone. The market is changing and new strategies are evolving for the individual investor to get those high returns in today’s market place. Read on to learn of a couple of new strategies that I’ve just discovered this past year, for investors to make money on their tax liens and redeemable tax deeds regardless of the competition. Continue reading

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