How To Get Big Profits In Little Time With Secondary Tax Liens

What could be better than the high interest profits that come from investing in Tax Liens? Getting paid in less time without having to bid at the tax sale with secondary tax liens!

What are Secondary Tax Liens? 

Liens that were purchased at the tax sale by an investor that are now being sold, or “assigned” to another investor. The best time to buy these liens are when they are ready for foreclosure. And here are 2 reasons why it can be more profitable to buy secondary tax liens from another investor than purchasing them at the tax sale… Continue reading

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Is 2018 Your Year To Profit From Arizona Online Tax Lien Sales?

Arizona online tax lien salesIf you’ve been wanting to invest in tax liens, right now is the time to start, because the Arizona online tax lien sales are going on right now and through the month of February. But don’t bid at these tax sale auctions until you get some education…

Why? Because you can lose money with Arizona tax liens if you don’t know what you’re doing!

That’s right! You can lose money in the Arizona tax sales if you don’t do it right, and that’s where I can help… Continue reading

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Tax Lien Investing Secrets Training FAQs

Last week we had 2 webinars on “3 Secrets to Explode Your Profits From Tax Liens.” On these trainings I unveiled the brand new Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets (ATLIS) Training and here are answers to some frequently asked question about the training that starts this week:

1) How does this virtual training work?

This training is specifically designed to teach you step-by-step how to invest in profitable tax liens, from bidding at tax sales AND by using advanced tax lien investing strategies that allow you to get profitable tax liens or redeemable tax deeds without attending the tax sale. PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to have me PERSONALLY walk you through it over the span of 7 weeks (to give you plenty of time to buy some liens or deeds). Continue reading

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What If What They Say About Tax Lien Investing Is Wrong?

If you take a look at the practices of successful people in any field, more often than not you’ll find that they did the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing or of what they were “supposed” to do. This is especially true when it comes to investments. The truth is that what they say about tax lien investing is wrong…

And that is the inspiration for our next live free upcoming training “3 Secrets That Will Explode Your Profits From Tax Liens” on Wednesday, January 10, at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

Register Here=>>

You see, I realized I’m not doing what everyone else is in the real estate and tax lien investing “training” industry. In fact, I’ll take it one step further – I think what’s being touted as the “truth” and “right way” to invest in tax liens in most cases is completely WRONG.

But the best part? YOU already know this. You sense it in your gut. Something’s gotten rotten in this industry and until now, NO ONE has been willing to shine a light on it. There’s a reason why the tax lien and deed investing experts aren’t teaching this, and I’m going to reveal this and more! And here’s what else you’re going to learn on this FREE training:

  • Discover the ONE THING I did differently than everybody else that allowed me to average double digit profits the liens I’ve purchased in the last few years while everyone else is making single digit returns
  • The exact steps I follow to build a profitable portfolio of tax liens!
  • How to get paid on your tax liens without waiting long redemptions periods
  • How to buy profitable tax liens without going to the tax sale and without buying leftovers!
  • A simple technique that I use with my students to find the best places to invest that will work for you too!
  • And much more…

If you’ve ever been on one of my free calls, you know they are content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies I use and tons of “how to’s” you can implement immediately.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary training.

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Golden Opportunity to Profit From Pre-deed Properties

You have heard about the opportunities and profits tax liens can bring you.  And you may have heard about secondary market tax liens. And I’m sure that you also know about the benefits of investing in tax deeds. But are you aware of the golden opportunities you can achieve investing in pre-deed properties!

On Wednesday, January 3, at 8:30pm Eastern time, I’ll be hosting a discussion with Charles Sells of PIP Group about this opportunity.

What Are Pre-deed Properties?

Pre-Deeds are just what they sound like.  Tax lien investors have pushed them through the entire foreclosure process and they want you to take over the investment to own, cash flow, or fix and flip the property.  Why would they want to sell their tax foreclosed property to you just before taking the deed?  The answer is quite simple really, but you will need to join us Wednesday night to get all the details.

The (approximately) one hour webinar will take you through a brief discussion of how investing in Illinois pre-deeds works and how you can begin to profit from them almost immediately.  At the end of the lesson, we will provide you with past performance examples, as well as properties that you can invest in immediately.

Charles Sells is founder of The PIP Group, the leading passive service provider for tax distressed assets. PIP Group has been helping investors achieve remarkable profits investing in everything from simple tax liens, to complex commercial, multi-million dollar fix and flips.  Don’t miss this chance to discover how you can invest in the golden opportunity pre-deed properties could offer!

The live training is available to the public, but only members of Wealth Building Webinars series and the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™, will have access to the video recording of the live call. Register for the live call at

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