Tax Lien Investing Teleseminar Replay

tax lien investing teleseminar

We had an excellent Q & A call this week!! It was our first tax lien investing teleseminar of 2016 and I got plenty of really good questions. I answered as many as I could, but just couldn’t get to all of them in one hour. So I tried to answer the questions from the live attendees first before I tackled the others. That’s just one reason why you’ll want to show up live on these calls in the future. The other is that one thing that I’m doing differently this year on these Q & A calls is that I’ll be giving a special deep discount on one of my programs at the end of each call. Another difference in these calls for this year is that live attendees will be able to watch me live on their computer screen as I answer questions and show information live on the screen , but the replay will only be the audio portion of the call.

Here’s a link to the replay for those of you who missed it and for those of you that made it but want to listen again:

And here’s what one of the attendees had to say about it:

“It’s live and questions are immediately answered. Joanne is wonderful to the newbie most especially. No question is too dumb and she doesn’t waste time in detail but directs you to where someone that’s really interested can go to get more information. That’s a REAL teacher” ~ Gloria H.

Here’s a sampling of just a few of the questions that were answered on this call:

What system or software works best for managing my portfolio and correspondences in AZ, FL, IL, IN, OH, and TX?

I have under $500, to begin investing, $300 to be exact. Is that realistic, and would the state of Florida be a good place to?

How do you find the Tax deed deals with out going through all that competition at the auction?

In a tax deed w/ right of redemption state (like Texas),  what liens have priority other than fed/state tax liens?

Can you buy tax liens and deeds from the UK and how can you purchase them from UK?

What to do as a foreign investor when the auction does not allow you to register with an ITIN?

How to find tax lien and deed sales online?

Should I be looking at NON-online auctions?  Are the Hedge fund guys going to these too?

What happens to your tax lien in Florida after not being redeemed after 1 year?

Are there creative sources for funding tax lien purchases?

And that’s not even half of the questions that were answered on the call!

Listen to all of the answers at:, and I’ll “see” you on the next live call!!

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Winning Investment Strategies For 2016

winning investment strategiesThanks to the supper low government interest rates, hedge funds continue to swarm tax sale and fight over tax liens. This past year has seen some high premiums paid for tax liens. It’s been a tough year for tax lien investors at the tax sales, but there are still deals to be had. Where are they, and how can you have winning investment strategies this year to keep profiting from tax liens?

Bigger Liens – Bigger Profits Continue reading

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Free Resource: 16 Free Tax Sale Websites

free tax sale websites for the holidaysI’ve got a brand new free tax lien investing resource for you. It’s what I call the Sweet 16 Tax Sale Websites swipe file… It’s a list of 16 tax sale websites that have information about specific tax sales. Some of these websites are actually the sites for the online tax sales; others have tax sale information for specific states. And that’s not all, in addition to the swipe file; I’m also providing my 5-point check list for tax lien investing and a video to show you how to use the swipe file and the check list. This is a great new resource for new investors, so I’ve even done a 2 minute video quick tip about it. You can watch the video at:

And you can download your copy at:

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The Problems With Tax Deed Investing

houses for pennies on the dollar?So what are the problems with tax deed investing?

And more importantly how can you get around them, or…

Is there a better way to invest in properties at deeply discounted prices?

First let’s discuss the problems with buying properties at tax deed auctions, and then we’ll talk about another, better way to invest in properties for 65% or less of the after repaired market value. The first problem with buying tax delinquent properties is that more often than not, these are extremely distressed properties that need a lot of rehab. They often need to be cleaned out and then have some major rehab work done to them, which could include fixing water damage, repairing the roof, replacing plumbing and appliances, not to mention painting and updating.

But that is just the beginning, another problem, if you’re thinking of retailing one of these properties is that in most tax deed states, the property does not come with a marketable title. Since there is also a period of time in which the previous owner can contest the tax sale, most title insurance companies will not issue title insurance to properties that are bought at a tax sale. That means that you have to clear the title before you can sell the property to someone that needs to get financing. Which means you have to spend more money and wait longer before you can take your profit.

Some investors get around both these issues by trying to buy tax defaulted properties from the owner before the property is sold in a tax sale. But that can be tricky, you have to negotiate with the owner, and if all you get is a quit claim deed, you may still have a problem with title insurance. What if there was an easier way to pick up properties for 65 cents on the dollar and get clear title to the property. And what if these properties are already cleaned up and either rehabbed or partially rehabbed already? And what if you had a system for making offers on these properties and finding buyers for them, both wholesale buyers and retail buyers?

I have found an expert on just such a strategy and I like it so much that this is the strategy that I’m using now to make offers on properties in my area. Why do I like it? Well one of the reasons that I’m a tax lien investor is that I don’t like negotiating. I would just rather go to a tax lien auction and buy tax liens than have to negotiate with a home owner or bank to purchase a property. With this system I don’t have to do any negotiating! The agent does it all for me, and I know just how much to offer, it’s all based on a simple formula.

Want to know more about it? Just watch this Encore presentation that I hosted with THE expert on the subject… My friend MJ, who created this system.

CLICK HERE to watch the video now. Don’t forget to download the free gift that he gives away in the beginning of his presentation…

and go to to take advantage of his special offer

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Tax Lien Profits Accelerator

BirgitHere’s what one member of the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator ™ (Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area) has to say about it:

“I’ve been with Joanne, the Tax Lien Lady for almost 2 years. I’ve attended other tax lien programs, but she has made the biggest impact on my tax lien business. With the changing and more competitive tax lien market, I found myself only getting 3-5% of interest investing in tax liens where I used to get 9-11%. I needed to do something different and learn about other states and markets! I’m so happy I became a member with the tax lien lady!

Thanks to Joanne and her connecting me to the right people, I now own a cash flowing rental in another state, I’m expecting deeds on 3 more houses in the next 3 weeks, and I own tax liens that are making 16-36%, all in states I’ve never been to. I recently foreclosed on a piece of land in Arizona by myself without a lawyer! And I just attended live auctions in my home state as a confident bidder buying tax liens for my 401K account! Joanne taught me what made me a successful tax lien investor in today’s market! I can fully trust her recommendations and extensive experience!”

~Birgit from Colorado

Birgit attended our online done-with-you training in February and March of this year, and she was able to purchase a couple of Arizona tax liens. She then attended our live OTC training and purchase party last spring in Arizona. Although she wasn’t able to get any OTC liens in Arizona, she learned all about the process and purchased an Illinois secondary tax lien that we found for her. She got special discounts on both of these trainings because of her membership to the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™.

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