Ask The TaxLienLady: Answers to Questions About Tax Lien Investing

stockxpertcom_id18880391Here are the answers to questions about tax lien investing that I’ve received these last couple of weeks …

How Interest Is Calculated On Tax Liens

Question: When a tax lien certificate redeems do I get compound interest?

Answer: No, the interest is not compounded. In states that give an annualized interest rate, the interest is added either monthly or daily (depending on the state) and is calculated on the certificate amount.

How Foreign Investors Can Invest in US Tax Liens Without Coming To The US

Question: Is there a course that covers how a foreigner can invest in US tax liens without a US bank account and tax ID number? Continue reading

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Real Estate Investing Secret Weapon

Attention Real Estate InvestorsBack when the real estate market really started to tank. I don’t think anyone really knew how bad it was going to get. Ultimately, the crash happened, and most real estate businesses were simply crushed out of existence with a few exceptions. In the years leading up to the bust, there was a real estate investing secret weapon being perfected and used by an elite few.  A weapon that enabled these secret few to get real estate leads “On Demand” virtually any time they wanted. They called it the internet, lol! Who would have thought?!?!

My friend, David Corbaley, is the creator of a strategy for using this secret weapon. He used his experience and strategies from his commando days – when he was an Army Green Beret, so it’s easy to take him serious.

Not only did it work, the masters that used this secret weapon properly not only survived, but thrived during the real estate bust. And today, those same elites are still killing it!

David’s course shows you how to get leads directly to your inbox. Keeping you one step ahead of the game. He has taken his personal experience in the world of real estate and brought it to our finger tips. The speed and accuracy in this method is limitless to the opportunities that it brings to the table.

Leads are the missing link in any business. With David’s commando Leads System you are guaranteed to have them sent into your inbox on a regular basis getting you one step ahead of the game. I know because I have recently investing in David’s course myself, and here’s why I did:

  1. The price point was a no brainer, so much education from a master for a really great price!
  2. The marketing principals of this program can be applied to any business, not just real estate investing and I wanted to learn them.

And you can learn more about this The Real Estate Commando Lead System HERE.

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What’s New This Week At

WhatsNewHere’s what’s new this week at

Free Teleseminar on Texas Tax Deeds – Wednesday July 1

Want to know how to invest for cash flow? Texas is the only redeemable deed state where you actually become the owner of the property when you purchase a redeemable tax deed. Once the deed is recorded – your the owner and can rent out the property. The previous owner has a right of redemption but is no longer the legal occupant or owner. That means that you can start making money on Texas Tax Deeds immediately after you record the tax deed. Find out how it’s done and how you can participate, even if you don’t live in Texas. Join my on Tax Lien Lady’s next Q & A teleseminar with Arnie Abramson, the Texas Tax Deed Dude, and expert on Texas redeemable deeds. Find out more and get the replay at

Done For You Due Diligence in New Jersey

Want me to do your due diligence for you for a New Jersey tax sale? I’m now available to do your due diligence at tax sales in New Jersey. I will only do due diligence for one person per sale, on a first come, first serve basis. Orders must be placed one week before the tax sale. To find out which tax sales are coming up this month that I’m available to research for you go to

Pre-Order And Save

Due to circumstances beyond my control the launch of my brand new online course Tax Liens Fast Cash has been delayed. I thought that it would be ready last week, and then I thought we could get it done by the middle of this week. But things did not go according to plan. And I’ve decided to put even more training in the program. What I thought would be just one video training has turned into 3 training modules with a few videos in each module. I’m really excited about this training because no one else is teaching it. It shows you how to use a free tool to sell your liens for faster profit. And since it won’t be ready for another week, you can still pre-order and save. You can order now before the course is launched for only $97! Find out more at


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Due Diligence For Tax Sales

Need some help doing due diligence for tax sales, deciding which properties to bid on and how much to bid?

I’m now available to do all the heavy lifting for you at tax sales in central and northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania. Watch this video quick tip to find out more.


Find out which tax sales I’m available for now at


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Summer Tax Sales Going On Now!

If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock market that will let you sleep at night without worrying about losing your nest egg… and wondering how and where to get started, look no further, for there is no shortage of summer tax sales!

Just because you missed the online tax lien sales in Arizona and Florida this year doesn’t mean you can’t start investing in tax liens now. There are plenty of summer tax sales going on right now and coming up through September. Here’s a breakdown of tax lien and tax deed sales throughout the country that are going on this month or coming up next month: Continue reading

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