Tax Lien Profits Accelerator

BirgitHere’s what one member of the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator ™ (Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area) has to say about it:

“I’ve been with Joanne, the Tax Lien Lady for almost 2 years. I’ve attended other tax lien programs, but she has made the biggest impact on my tax lien business. With the changing and more competitive tax lien market, I found myself only getting 3-5% of interest investing in tax liens where I used to get 9-11%. I needed to do something different and learn about other states and markets! I’m so happy I became a member with the tax lien lady!

Thanks to Joanne and her connecting me to the right people, I now own a cash flowing rental in another state, I’m expecting deeds on 3 more houses in the next 3 weeks, and I own tax liens that are making 16-36%, all in states I’ve never been to. I recently foreclosed on a piece of land in Arizona by myself without a lawyer! And I just attended live auctions in my home state as a confident bidder buying tax liens for my 401K account! Joanne taught me what made me a successful tax lien investor in today’s market! I can fully trust her recommendations and extensive experience!”

~Birgit from Colorado

Birgit attended our online done-with-you training in February and March of this year, and she was able to purchase a couple of Arizona tax liens. She then attended our live OTC training and purchase party last spring in Arizona. Although she wasn’t able to get any OTC liens in Arizona, she learned all about the process and purchased an Illinois secondary tax lien that we found for her. She got special discounts on both of these trainings because of her membership to the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™.

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Buy Homes Below Market Value Without Competitive Bidding!

buy homes below market valueThis month instead of a Q & A teleseminar about tax lien investing, I had a special guest to show you how you can buy homes below market value without competitive bidding. And MJ actually showed how he coached me through my first offer on the webinar!

Here’s some comments that we got from webinar participants:

“I’ve had some training before, but this was comprehensive.” ~ J.C. Cohen

“The information disseminated was truly informative!” ~ Jeremy H.

“The information was very good.” ~ Gary H.

“Transparency and lots of examples…” ~ Karen L.

Here’s the link to the recording:

There are still a few spots left to be among the first 20 who get MJ’s HUD Deal Training and come with us to Atlanta for his 2 day event, and get a 90 day money back guarantee! Just go to

And don’t forget to get your free report, Appraiser Secrets For Real Estate Investors, that MJ gives away on this call!

Encouraging You To Profit!

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Redeemable Tax Deeds In Georgia

movieGeorgia On My Mind

If you’re a tax lien investor and Georgia isn’t on your mind, it should be. Even though Georgia is a redeemable tax deed state, the redeemable tax deeds in Georgia are much like tax liens, with one big difference that means more money in your pocket. That difference is that instead of an interest rate, you get a penalty. That means that no matter when the deed redeems you get the full penalty, not an annualized interest rate. But it even gets better than that. The penalty is 20% and the redemption period is one year. Only 2 tax lien states can beat that and only if the lien is held for a full year. (In Illinois the rate is 18% per 6 months and in Iowa it’s 24% per annum). Continue reading

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Free Motivated Seller Leads And Teleseminar

foreclosureOur next Q & A Teleseminar

I have a special guest on our next Q & A teleseminar and this call is not about tax lien or even tax deed investing. I have been experimenting with something I have tried to do for years now, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it as easily as I can buy liens or deeds. But I have a good friend who has figured it out and is helping me do it and I thought that you might want his help as well.

His name is Mark Jackson, known by his friends and students as MJ, and his is a real estate valuation expert and experienced investor. He has figured out the easy button for investing in REOs. He’s even found the most profitable REOs to invest in and the best system for getting them and selling them. Find out more on our free teleseminar on Wednesday November 4 at 8:30pm. Here’s the link to register for the call:

Free Resource

MJ would like you to have his 21 Motivated Seller Leads swipe file. That’s the swipe file that he uses in his real estate business when he does deals today, and he’s giving it to you:

CLICK HERE to get the download

Don’t be shocked how simple and fast this process really is… keep it simple, follow the steps he outlines and you’ll be on your way to the next profitable real estate deal.

When you download this swipe file, you’ll get immediate access to:

* MJ’s complete 21 Motivated Seller Leads resource swipe file. All you have to do is open the swipe file, click on any one of the secret links in there and in 10 minutes from opening it, you’ll have leads to follow up on!

* Instant access to the training video that shows you exactly how he find those deals. Once you watch this video, you’ll see how easy and simple it is to find those uncovered, waiting for the right person to help, motivated seller real estate deals.

Yes, simply follow the video…
…and never get stuck on finding motivated sellers again! It’s a free gift that he let me give you, just for being a loyal subscriber of mine.

Happy and Prosperous Investing,


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October Tax Lien Teleseminar Replay

tax lien teleseminarThe topic of our October tax lien teleseminar was “scary” tax liens; I talked about what pitfalls to avoid and what steps to take to make tax lien investing less scary. We had a lot of very good questions that participants asked before and during the call, and I answered them all. Here’s just a sampling of some of the things that were covered on this call:

* Review of due diligence steps for beginners
* How to get up and running now
* How to follow up on overbids at the tax sale
* What happens in tax sales in PA and VA?
* Where is the best place to invest near Boston?
* How much do I need to get started in NY?
* What’s the Best way to get parcels of land?
* How to find liens on tax deed properties?
* What’s the best investment for newbees?

Plus I talked about what else you need to look out for when buying liens or deeds.

You can listen to the replay now at:

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