Winter Tax Sales 2016

HolidaySaleIt’s a new year with new opportunities and possibilities. And we want to help you make the most out of the winter tax sales here at!

For starters there are plenty of tax sales that take place in February and March and some of them are online. In the next 2 months there are tax sales in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

No matter if you are looking for tax liens, tax deeds, or redeemable deeds, you can find them this winter. And you can find both tax lien sales and tax deed sales online. February is the month for the online tax lien sales in Arizona, and some Arizona counties have live tax lien sales this month. You can read more about that on page 7 of this issue.

Nassau County, NY has a live tax lien sale, which starts on February 16 and ends on February 19. You can find smaller municipal tax lien sales in the Northeast, in Vermont and New Jersey, and a couple of the New Jersey tax sales are online. There are more live tax lien sales in the District of Columbia, Alabama, and Illinois. All of the Nebraska counties have their tax sales on March 7 this year, and Douglas County Nebraska has their sale online.

You’ll find online tax deed sales on both coasts, on the east coast in Florida and on the west coast in California. You’ll find live tax deed sales in Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. And you’ll find live redeemable deed sales in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, Connecticut, and Philadelphia PA.

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#1 Best Seller on Amazon in 2 Categories!!

Best SellerMy newly updated for book:  “Tax Lien Investing Secrets: “How You Can Get 8% to 36% Return On Your Money Without The Typical Risk Of Real Estate Investing or The Uncertainty of The Stock Market!” made it to #1 best seller on Amazon in 2 categories – Real Estate and Real Estate Investments!!

I adjusted the price back up to the original price of $19.95, but Amazon has it discounted to $14.96. So if you didn’t get the chance to grab it when it was at half price, you can still get it at 25% off!

And here’s another reason that if you didn’t pick it up when it was half price you might want to get it now…

We just added another unadvertised bonus for everyone who purchases the book, and those of you who already got the book will get this bonus too. It’s a live webinar training only for customers who purchased the book. The webinar “Winning Strategies For Tax Lien Investing Success In 2016” will be Wednesday February 10th at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

And here’s what I’ll be covering in this webinar:

  • The best strategies for tax delinquent property investing in 2016
  • How to determine the best place for YOU to invest (using a couple of the book bonuses)
  • And I’ll show you how to find out what tax sales are coming up around the country

If you did already purchase the book – Thank You!! You’ll be sent the link to register for this special webinar! If not and you want to join us for the webinar, go HERE to order the book and get your bonuses.

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New Tax Lien Investing Secrets Book Is Available Now!


I just released released my brand new tax lien investing secrets book – updated for 2016: “Tax Lien Investing Secrets: “How You Can Get 8% to 36% Return On Your Money Without The Typical Risk Of  Real Estate Investing or The Uncertainty of The Stock Market!”

…and you can get this book today for what it costs to buy good lunch these days.  So head over to now and you can get this step-by-step book along with hundreds of dollars in unadvertised bonuses for free.

But you have to go there today, Tuesday January 26, 2016 to be able to get ALL of these bonuses as they are only valid for today, and be able to get the book at 50% off the regular price. Remember, tax lien investing is one of the safest types of real estate investing where you don’t have to:

– deal with buyers and sellers…

– deal with contractors or tenants…

– negotiate deals & spend thousands of dollars on marketing…

– fix, rent or flip houses…

And make anywhere from 8% to 36% return on your money…guaranteed by real estate an mandated by government law! So, do yourself a favor and invest in this book right now at

By the way… I believe in this book so much that I’m giving away 4 of my own bonus. And I’m not the only one, some very well known real estate investing experts believe in it as well. So much so that their giving away some very valuable bonuses as well. I know you’ll be surprised to see what it is here

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New Tax Lien Training Video

tax lien lady's state guideI’ve just recorded a brand new tax lien training video to show how YOU can to get 8%-36% ROI this year!

Yes, you heard me right…you can get 8% to 36% return on your investment, this year (depending on which state you’re in!) How do I know that? Because I’ve done it and I’ve helped others to do it too!

And the smart investors across the country, especially the ones that are ‘in on it’, are doing it every single day! And now, you can do it!


By investing in tax lien certificates. Why?

Because even though you won’t make $20k on a deal it’s less risky and you don’t have to talk to buyers, sellers, contractors, negotiate any deals, fix or flip any houses while at the same time, you can get 8% to 36% return on investment! And that my friend, you’ll never get from a bank!

And today, I’ve just released another training video where I share my 7-step formula for investing in tax liens & tax deeds. I’ve showed it to one of my friends who is a real estate investing expert and here’s what he had to say about it: “I’m surprised how easy it is to invest in tax liens, as long as you follow what Joanne says in the video.”

And here’s a surprise bonus, when you go and watch this tax lien training video, you’ll also be able to download my State Guide, which tells you what happens at tax sales in every state in the U.S. So go here right now, get your pen and paper, watch the 7 step video, take notes and most importantly… take action!


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New Video: Why Invest in Tax Lien Certificates?

invest in tax lien certificatesWhy would you want to invest in tax lien certificates?

How would you like to realistically make anywhere from 8% to 36% back on your money?

– without dealing with buyers and sellers?
without dealing with contractors or tenants?
– without negotiating deals?
without spending thousands of dollars on marketing?
– without fixing, renting or flipping houses?
without putting up 1,000’s of dollars of your own money?
– without risking your money in the stock market?

Does that sound like it’s too good to be true? Well, it isn’t!

…and smart investors do this every single day!

…and nobody talks about it. Why?

Because it’s not as popular or as sexy as flipping houses! (and it’s not in the stock market, the bank or the typical REI strategy)

So how do they do it…

They invest in tax lien certificates and now you can find out just how easy it is for you to start, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest! Just watch this short video HERE. There’s nothing to for you to optin, just valuable and actionable info that you can use today.

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