Podcast Episode #30 – Interview by Clint Biesinger – Part 1 of 2

This interview was divided into two parts. It focuses on New Jersey tax liens

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Be watching for Part 2 of this interview in the next podcast.

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I’m Back from Sunny Georgia

Peter Musa 2009 School Age National Champion

Peter Musa 2009 School Age National Champion

I got back yesterday from Gainville Georgia, where I went to coach my son Peter in his last school age championship. He did great and finished out his school age years in weightlifting with a personal record in the snatch, clean and jerk and total. He also set new school age records, won his weight class, and won the over all award for his age group. In addition to that he won the best male lifter award for the entire competition.

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Free Tax Lien Investing Kit Now Available

June 4, 2009 ? East Stroudsburg PA ? Tax lien investing expert, Joanne Musa of www.TaxLienLady.com has just released a new tax lien investing kit, free of charge. The kit consists of a special report titled ?7 Steps to Building Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio,? an audio class on investing in tax liens with your self-directed IRA and a free subscription to her Tax Lien Investing Tips newsletter. If you?ve heard about tax lien and tax deed investing and wanted to learn more about it, this is your chance.

?I put together this kit to help people that want to invest in tax liens or tax deeds, but don?t know where to start,? says Ms. Musa. ?There is so much misinformation and hype out there, and I wanted people to know the truth,? she adds.

?Many investors are tired of losing money in their 401(k) or other retirement accounts to the stock market. Now there is a safe, high-yielding alternative to the stock market. Many people don?t know that they can use money from a self-directed IRA to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds. More people don?t invest in tax liens and tax deeds because they are not familiar with the process. It?s not something that brokers or financial planners make a commission on, so they?re not likely to tell you about it. Most brokers and financial planners don?t even know about tax lien investing.?

Ms. Musa helps people get started with tax lien investing no matter where they live. Even if they don?t live in the US, they can still participate in this high yielding, secure investment strategy, and there are different investing strategies that you can use depending on what your goals are. The new tax lien investing kit can help you get started now. To learn more about how to get started with tax lien or tax deed investing and how you can invest in tax liens or tax deeds with a self-directed IRA, go to www.TaxLienInvestingKit.com. # # #

For more information contact Joanne Musa at joannemusa@taxlienlady.com

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Tax Lien Lady’s Report: Tax Deed Sales in PA

I just got back from Thailand last week where I made history as the first woman to be head coach for a USA Weightlifting mens team! I went to Thailand to coach the mens team for the First Youth World Championship. But I missed the Monroe county Judicial tax sale, which took place on May 20th. I did send my husband, Bill to cover the tax sale for me and find out how many properties sold and what they sold for. I wanted to see just what the trend was this year and I wanted to be able to pass that information along to you.

Here’s the information that he brought back to me from the sale. First of all, out of the 403 properties that were on the list, only 52 were taken off the list before the sale because they paid, went into bankruptcy, or were postponed. Out of the properties that were left a very large percentage did not sell at the sale. Only 100 properties sold. The most that was paid for a property was $160,000, but many properties were sold for the minimum bid. Only a handful of properties sold for over $10,000.

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The Tax Lien Lady Goes to Thailand

May 15, 2009 ? East Stroudsburg PA ? Joanne Musa, creator of www.TaxLienLady.com, is known online as the Tax Lien Lady. She teaches people all over the country how to safely invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds. That?s what she does professionally, but her hobby is Olympic style weightlifting. Ms. Musa has been a national and world master champion weightlifter, and for the last 10 years she has also been a coach in the sport.

Six years ago, along with her long time coach and mentor Peter Roselli, she began coaching one of her sons, Peter Musa in the sport.

?I told him it would be good for football, it would help him be stronger and more explosive. He was only 10 years old then and in the 4th grade,? says Musa.

Now her son Peter is 16 years old and the top ranked male weightlifter in the 17 and under age group. He has also won first place in his weight class in USA Weightlifting?s Junior National Championship (age 20 and under) for the last 2 years. His performance at the School Age Championship last June and the Junior National Championship this past March have earned him a spot on the men?s team for the first Youth World Championship to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand next week. Not only did he earn a spot on the team, thanks to his ranking, his mother was chosen as the head coach for the men?s team.

?I don?t take this assignment lightly,? says Ms. Musa. ?I?m honored to be able to coach these boys at this contest. It?s a very important competition for USA Weightlifting. This is the only qualifier for the Youth Olympics in 2010. We need to perform well as a team in order to earn just 2 spots for our young men in the Youth Olympics. I?m also very happy that a few of the boy?s personal coaches are also coming to Thailand, so I?ll have a lot of help, and we have a great team leader, Butch Curry, who was on the 1980 Olympic team.?

Ms. Musa and her son Peter leave Sunday May 17th for Thailand. They?ll arrive in Chiang Mai on Tuesday May 19th, the day that the competition starts. The actual lifting starts on Wednesday the 20th and continues through Sunday May 24th. The US team consists of 8 boys and 7 girls. ?We have 2 boys lifting on Wednesday, 2 lifting on Thursday, 2, including Peter, lifting on Friday, and 2 lifting on Sunday. Then we all come home on Monday.###

For More Information Contact: Joanne Musa, joannemusa@taxlienlady.com

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