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One Day Sale In Honor of Saint Patrick

Tweet The Whole Kit and Caboodle Plus Coaching In honor of Saint Patrick I’m giving away the whole kit and caboodle ($3999 worth of additional training and software) with my Inner Circle Coaching Program when you enroll on Saint Patrick’s day – … Continue reading

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Online Tax Lien Sales: Avoiding The Competition

The Arizona online tax lien sales are done for this year. If you’ve participated in any of these online auctions you know that the bidding has reached new lows. So what’s an investor that wants to get double digit interest on his or her money to do? Read this article to find out! Continue reading

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Are Over-The-Counter Tax Liens And Deeds Deals Or Duds?

Are over-the-counter tax liens and tax deeds deals or duds? Read this article to find out. Continue reading

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Meet Me Live In Atlanta

Tweet I’ll be in Atlanta Georgia doing live one-on-one consults for one day only – Thursday March 19. Here’s just some of the things that I could help you with during a live consult: Find the best place for you … Continue reading

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The Easy Button For Tax Lien And Tax Deed Investing

Watch this short quick tip video to find out about what I call the easy button for tax lien and tax deed investing: Continue reading

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