Nebraska Tax Sales

Nebraska is a lien state. The interest rate is 14% per annum and the redemption period is 3 years. Nebraska uses the “bid down the percent ownership” method of bidding. Since this system does not work very well and is not popular with bidders or counties, most Nebraska tax sales make use of a “rotational” bidding system. The following information was taken from the Douglas County Treasurer’s website a few years ago:

“Investors agree to buy the liens for the delinquent tax amount including interest and advertising fees. Each lien is offered to each participant, one by one. If a participant decides to purchase a lien on a property, the following lien is offered to the next investor in line. If an investor passes up a lien, they forfeit that bid and the lien is offered to the next investor in line (the investor that passed will not get another opportunity for a lien until the bid works full circle back to them).”

Most Nebraska tax sales are still conducted in this manner.

In 2014 Douglas county had their first online auction and went to bidding down the percent ownership, from 100% down to 1% in 1% increments. Recently though they have changed back to using rotational bidding, only now they are using it online.  They are the only county in Nebraska that has an online tax sale, and so far, they have the only online tax sale where the rotational bidding system is used.

There is a non-refundable $25 fee to participate in the Douglas County tax sale, and a non-refundable $20 fee per certificate that you are awarded in the online auction. They also have a minimum deposit amount of $1000, which is considered to be 5% of your budget. So the minimum budget to participate in this tax sale is $20,000. The online auction is hosted on

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