Take Advantage of Upcoming Online Tax Sales

online tax salesHere’s How You Can Take Advantage of the Upcoming Online Tax Sales…

There is a lot going on this month when it comes to online tax lien and tax deed investing, there are tax sales happening all over the country. So where are the online tax sales?

Online Tax Sales in the Northeast

There are online tax sales going on right now in Nassau County, NY and some cities and towns in New Jersey. Nassau County NY (Long Island) has always had a big tax lien sale every year in February. It’s an important tax sale because most of the counties in New York sell deeds, not liens. Although the 5 Boroughs of New York City sell liens, they bundle them up into big packages and their tax sales are only open to big hedge funds, not to individual investors. The big news this year is that this is the first time that the Nassau county tax lien sale! The tax sale is being held by Grant Street, and you find the online bidding site at www.bidnassaucountyny.com.

RealAuction.com hosts the New Jersey tax sales. New Jersey, like many of the northeastern states, doesn’t have large county tax sales. Each of the municipalities have their own tax sale. There are 550 municipalities in New Jersey and they each have a tax sale once a year. Prior to 2012 they were all live tax sales. But now, many of them are online.

Online Tax Sales in the South

Louisiana has both tax lien and tax deed sales and some of the parishes and larger cities conduct these tax sale auctions online on CivicSource.com. I don’t recommend the Louisiana online tax lien sales, because of the bidding procedure used for liens in this state. They bid down the percent ownership in the property should the lien holder actually foreclose on the lien. In my opinion, that’s just not enough leverage for the owner of the property to pay off the lien. I do however recommend their tax deed sales. They are called “Adjudicated Property Sales,” and the nice thing about participating in these tax sales is that if you are the successful bidder, you get marketable title to the property. When you purchase a tax deed from these tax sales, you don’t have to go through the trouble of clearing the title – it’s already done for you! The drawback is that you do have put a deposit down on each property that you plan on bidding on before all the title work is done and it’s available to bid on. If you decide not to bid on it after the adjudication process, you can lose your deposit. But if you do bid on it and you’re not the successful bidder, your deposit will be returned to you.

Southeast Online Tax Sales

The Florida online tax lien sales don’t happen until May, but did you know that some of the Florida tax deed sales are online and they happen throughout the year. Some counties will have online deed sales as often as once a month.  In fact some of the larger Florida counties have a tax deed sale almost every week! There are not as many deed sales online as there are lien sales, but you can find some online auctions on Realauction.com and a couple of counties have online deed sales on Grantstreet.com.

Online Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales in the West

The states of Washington and California have some online tax deed sales coming up, you can find them on Bid4Assets.com. If you need help navigating the online tax deed auctions, the Online Tax Deed Sales course can help! You can get it at http://OnlineTaxDeeds.com.

The Arizona online tax lien sales are going on this month (February)! Most of these online auctions will be over by the middle of February, except for the Mohave County tax sale, which ends at the end of the month. Maricopa County will have a second “clean up” sale a few days after the tax sale. They’ll offer everything that doesn’t sell in the first tax sale in a second auction. Some of the other counties will have a “county held” auction, where they make items that didn’t sell in the first auction available on a first come, first serve basis.

You can find most of the Arizona counties that are online at Realauction.com and a couple of them on GrantStreet.com. Arizona is a popular state to invest in online, but you do have know what you are doing, because there are a few hidden costs when buying tax liens in the Arizona online auctions. Bottom line is that regardless of which state you are investing in, you better know what you’re doing at the tax sale! Need help or want some hand holding? Join our Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets live virtual training 6 week course that is going on now! Find out more about it at www.taxlieninvestingsecrets.com/advanced-training.

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