How To Get Big Profits In Little Time With Secondary Tax Liens

What could be better than the high interest profits that come from investing in Tax Liens? Getting paid in less time without having to bid at the tax sale with secondary tax liens!

What are Secondary Tax Liens? 

Liens that were purchased at the tax sale by an investor that are now being sold, or “assigned” to another investor. The best time to buy these liens are when they are ready for foreclosure. And here are 2 reasons why it can be more profitable to buy secondary tax liens from another investor than purchasing them at the tax sale…

  1. No competitive bidding, someone else already did that
  2. You can start foreclosure right away and either get the property or the redemption without having to wait out the redemption period

You can even find liens that are earning as much as 108% in interest and penalties and are ready for the foreclosure process.

Here is how it works:

A tax buyer invests in tax liens for the above average interest and penalties they can earn on the redemption (or pay off) of the liens. Inevitably, some liens don’t redeem and the investor is faced with the decision to foreclose on the lien, or try to sell their interest in the lien to another buyer – That’s the secondary market!……

The lien not only has potential profits from redemption, but also of the collateral property the lien is on, and now, a new investor can come in and follow through with the foreclosure process. That new investor could be YOU! Investing in Secondary Market Tax liens could result in amazing profits from redemption, selling the house as is, selling the house for more after a fix-and-flip, and more! Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it!?  But, to do it profitable you have to do it correctly and you want to purchase these liens from a trustworthy source.

Join me for a special educational training with Charles Sells of PIP Group. During this webinar Charles will explain just how you can make money with secondary liens and he’ll also show some secondary lien opportunities that are available for investors to take advantage of now. This training is part of Tax Lien Lady’s Wealth Building Webinar Series. The live training is free for all to attend, but in order to get the replay, you must be a subscriber to Wealth Building Webinars. You can find out more about a Wealth Building Webinar membership at

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