Online Tax Lien Investing Cycles


Investing in tax liens or tax deeds online, like other investments, follow cycles.

These online tax lien investing cycles are a result of the fact that most counties only conduct tax sales once per year. What really drives the cycles or seasons of tax lien investing are the online tax lien sales. Some investors are under the assumption that you can purchase tax liens online in most states in the US. The fact is that there are only a few states have online tax lien sales and a couple of these states only have 1 county that conducts an online tax sale and rest must be attended live (Nebraska, Missouri, and Tennessee).

The Online Tax Lien Sales

The good news is that there are a few states that have multiple counties with online tax lien sales and these states have their sales at different times during the year. Seven counties in Arizona have online tax lien sales that take place in February. There are at least 57 counties in Florida with online tax sales in May, and a few Maryland counties that have online tax lien sales from May through June. There are a few Iowa counties with online tax lien sales in June as well. And just this past year a few counties in Mississippi held tax sales online in August. Colorado online tax lien sales are spread out from September through November. New Jersey has quite a few municipalities that have online tax sales and these are conducted throughout the year. The states of Louisiana and Indiana have some counties with tax sale online that are conducted throughout the year as well.

The Online Tax Deed Sales

Most states have a specified time of year in which these deed sales take place. The Michigan counties all have their tax sales in late fall. Many California have online tax deed sales. Each county has a sale once a year, but unlike most other states in which the counties all have to have their tax sales at a specific time of year; the California counties stagger their tax sales throughout the year. You can find a tax sale somewhere in California every month of the year except for July and December. Other states that have some tax sales that you can participate in without showing up live are Florida, New York, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.

No matter where you live you can invest in tax liens and tax deeds online year round. You just need to which states have online tax sales and when they happen. Some states will even have all of their tax sales on the same day of the year, some during one month, and others will conduct them throughout the year. They all also have different terms and procedures  that you need to follow in order to participate in the tax sales.

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