Changes Are Coming To is moving

We’re making some changes here at so that we can serve you better. We’re moving. We are not physically moving our office, but we’re changing the service that we use to communicate with subscribers, take orders, and serve our customers. So bear with us as we move our database.

Here’s how this might affect you…

While we move everything over you may get some extra emails from us, from both our old client management software and the new one. If you receive too many emails from just know that it will only be for a few more days until we change everything over, and delete any duplicate messages. Once we complete this change, you shouldn’t receive any duplicate emails from us.

Or you may inadvertently get removed from our database and you may not get any communication from us. If this happens, all you have to do to get added to our list again is opt in to receive one of our freebies. I recommend our Tax Certificate Sales special report, which was newly updated earlier this year. Or you could opt in to our “Profit From Tax Liens” free video and learn about our Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets (ATLIS) training Here.

Either way you’ll get some excellent education about tax lien investing and you’ll get back on our list. We don’t want you to miss any tax lien investing tips, free newsletters, or webinars. If you’re not on our list yet, now is a really good time to join!

If you are having trouble trying to get to a webpage or purchase one of our courses, or if you purchased a course and didn’t receive it right away, it may have something to do with our move. So just let us know and we’ll fix it.

Thanks for your patronage and your patients with us!


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