Free Wealth Building Webinar with Joanne & Bernard Reisz

Meet Bernard Reisz And Resure LLC!

A couple of months ago we had our first Wealth Building Webinar with my financial consultant David Xi. For our next Wealth Building Webinar my guest will be Bernard Reisz, Principal of ReSure LLC. Our next Wealth Building Webinar is scheduled for August 2 at 8:30pm Eastern Time. Here is the registration link to attend the webinar live:

Here’s some information on Bernard and ReSure LLC:

Bernard, principal of ReSure LLC, focuses on empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to take control of their finances. That each of us is entitled to financial self-determination based on objective guidance is a core value of ReSure. ReSure can get you direct control of tax-advantaged retirement funds to invest in assets of your choice. ReSure can implement a range of financial strategies for clients, but for those that choose to get control of their money, ReSure provides the expertise to proceed successfully. Possessing credentials  and licenses in many areas of finance, ReSure delivers comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Join me as I host Bernard for our next Wealth Building Webinar.  Here, again, is the registration link for the live webinar:

The Webinar is free for all to attend live, but the recording will only be made available to members of the Wealth Building Webinar series. You can find out more about Wealth Building Webinars at

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