Free Wealth Building Webinar with Joanne & Rebecca Rice.

Meet Rebecca Rice!

A couple of months ago we had our first Wealth Building Webinar with my financial consultant David Xi. For our next Wealth Building Webinar my guest will be David’s mentor Rebecca Rice. Our next Wealth Building Webinar is scheduled for July 5 at 8:30pm Eastern Time. Here is the registration link to attend the webinar live:

Here’s a short bio about Rebecca Rice:

At age 37 Rebecca Rice suddenly became single with three small children. Without any source of income, Rebecca faced food scarcity and homelessness. “I know what it’s like to be without,” Rebecca said. “I made it my goal to never let that happen again.”

She started working—and worked hard! She learned and advanced to the point where she started her own business. Along the way, she kept that passion for financial security for herself and for her clients. “I was drawn to financial services because it’s such a concrete, specific way to prepare for the difficulties life throws at you,” Rebecca said.

For 24 years she read and studied books, journals, newsletters, and the leading trends to best help her clients secure their financial future. Every client of Rebecca’s becomes a friend. She treats them with respect and esteem and shows a relentless determination to make sure they become financially solid. “I found people did everything Wall Street and the best financial minds recommended. Yet most were not truly successful,” Rebecca said. “The traditional strategies just don’t work as promised for the average person.”

In 2003 Rebecca discovered Nelson Nash’s book, Be Your Own Banker. She stayed up all night reading it. It just didn’t seem possible. So she asked her CPA to read it. He had never heard of the strategy either. Together they tried to punch holes in the theory behind Nash’s book. They ran the numbers. They ran the numbers again. And it worked! When her CPA called and said he wanted to set up four accounts for his family, she knew they were on to an amazing secret. How could she not have known about this incredible wealth-building strategy before now?

The new strategy called for great integrity and sacrifice. She’d need to work three times as hard for the same amount of money. But for her clients, it was a godsend! It was an assured way to build risk-free, tax-deferred wealth and still have access to money for purchases, college expenses, even retirement living. It multiplied the growth of assets, and even helped grow your money as you borrowed and paid for purchases!

Rebecca fully used this “Private Reserve” strategy. She tried it herself and found success. She used it more and more. To date, she has 35 policies on her own and is fully vested in this strategy and has the comfort, control, and peace that financial security brings.

As of 2014, Rebecca has written over 3,000 uniquely designed policies. She’s gained certification in the knowledge and application of “Living Benefits” strategies. She’s used the “Private Reserve Strategy” for herself and her clients in every way possible. She stands as the go-to expert for the “Private Reserve” strategy.

Join me as I host Rebecca for our next Wealth Building Webinar.  Here, again, is the registration link for the live webinar:

The Webinar is free for all to attend live, but the recording will only be made available to members of the Wealth Building Webinar series. You can find out more about Wealth Building Webinars at

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