Will I See YOU At The Next Investor Summit?

ICO Investor Summit April 2017

Spending time with Kayle, an Tax Lien Profits Accelerator Member, at the ICO Investor Summit in Atlanta

I had a great time last weekend at the Investor Comps Online Investor Summit with my real estate investor buddies from all over the country and some of my tax lien investing students that are now starting to invest in HUD deals. We had an awesome weekend and now I’m inspired to do some more HUD deals. I just looked at 3 more HUD properties this week, and had put more bids in!

Taking action is important

If you’d like to be able to inspect properties before you buy, skip the competitive tax deed auctions, get marketable title for your deals, and be able to sell properties to make quick cash; HUD deals are the the way to go. You can still review the webinar that I did last month with my real estate investing coach Mark Jackson (MJ), and get his HUD Deal Training.

Watch The Webinar

Watch the training at http://HUDhomeprofits.com/jmr and learn how to find the HUD deals in your area. You can get his HUD Deal Training at http://HUDhomeprofits.com/joanne.

Meet Me In Atlanta In October

Don’t worry that you missed the Investor Summit in April. We have another one coming up the last weekend in October, and I’ll be at there as well and would love to meet you and spend some time with you that weekend. I love spending time with my students that come out to Atlanta for the ICO Investor Summit!

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