Learn This Powerful Strategy To Be Your Own Bank

Join me and family wealth counselor, David Xi, as he teaches you a very unique and be your own bankpowerful strategy, that lets you be your own bank. Wall Street and banks wish you never find out about this strategy, sometimes called the infinite banking concept. This strategy will help you:

  • Eliminate debt and recapture hundreds of thousands of interest payments you normally pay banks
  • Recapture unnecessary wealth transfers in five major areas: taxes, mortgages, qualified plans, college funding, and major purchases such as cars, wedding and vacation
  • Recapture your children’s college expenses, after you have spent them
  • Safe and guaranteed way to generate tax free retirement income, and potentially eliminate income taxes during retirement
  • Guarantee your investment principal and returns – this strategy has generated tax free investment returns for clients for over 150 years, each and every year, non-stop
  • Potentially increase your family net worth by $500,000 or more

In fact David has helped me use this strategy to pay down my debt and buy a “new” car. It’s a way that you can finally get ahead financially, by being your own bank. The live call is free and you can register now at http://taxlienlady.com/live-webinar.

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