Early Spring Tax Sales…..

There are a lot of spring tax sales, both online and live, tax lien sales, deed sales, and redeemable deed sales. Spring is a great time to get involved in tax lien investing no matter what your investment goal or where you live.
Tax Lien Sales
If tax liens are your cup of tea, there are plenty of tax lien sales in early spring in Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Indiana, and Maryland. All of the Alabama and Mississippi tax sales are live, but some of the New Jersey, Indiana and Maryland tax sales are online.
Baltimore City has a big online tax lien auction each year that ends in the middle of May, but the deadline to register as a bidder this year is May 5. You’ll find the auction information on the bidding website at www.BidBaltimore.com. The site is open for registration now but the list of tax sale properties will not be published until March 15.
Tax Deed Sales
If it’s deed sales that you’re looking for you can always find tax deed auctions year round in Florida counties. Because tax lien investors have to apply for their tax lien property to be auctioned at a deed sale rather than foreclosing on the lien, there is a continual feed of tax deeds for the auctions in Florida. Some counties will have a deed sale a few times a month. The only drawback to having tax sales that often is that there is not a whole lot available in any one sale. You’ll even find some of the Florida deed sales online.
Counties in California, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia have tax sales in March and April. Many of the California counties have their tax sales online. One or two of the counties in the state of New York have online tax sales in the spring, and so does one of the counties in Wisconsin.
Redeemable Deed Sales
You can find redeemable deed sales on the first Tuesday of every month in the larger counties of Texas. This year Sumter County Tennessee postponed their tax sale from last fall until March 20. All of the redeemable deed sales coming up in early spring are live.
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