Here’s How To Get Honest Help With Tax Lien Investing

tax lien investing studentLast fall I conducted a tax lien investing training and one of my students, Gloria Hahn, from Pennsylvania, wrote me a wonderful letter about her experience with my training. Here are just some excerpts from her letter, and all the emphasis is hers

“If you are looking like I did for a ‘teacher’ and not another rip-off… sincerely, Joanne Musa the Tax Lien Lady is IT if you want to learn about tax liens and tax deeds….

She’s so simple, clear and step-by-step…

There wasn’t ONE thing she missed, She teaches step by step full circle…She told us loads of websites she herself uses and loads of FREE guides, even one on each state and their rules.

Sincerely, I’m a deep researcher myself and have read up on different types of real estate investing and have spent thousands to just find a simple investment style and great mentor that knows my name and sincerely teaches, listens, guides and takes the time person to person to help me. Joanne is that mentor…

Joanne felt like my cousin who called me on the phone and taught me in detail and patience what she knows to help me get into tax lien investing. She really wants to make your life better…she helps you….

Thank you so much Joanne!”

Gloria Hahn From Pittsburgh PA

How would you like to step-by-step training and coaching from me on your schedule? I have various coaching programs that deliver results. To find out if this something that is right for you fill out the form at and get a complimentary profit planning strategy session with me and get the same training and help that Gloria did.

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