Want to Know My Highlights of 2016?

Celebrate highlights of 2016Now that the year is over and 2017 is about to begin, let’s celebrate the highlights of 2016!

What did you accomplish this year?

What milestones did you achieve?

What are you proud of?

I’ll be honest, 2016 was not my best year. It was challenging and a little stressful to say the least. But you know what? Looking back I really did accomplish a lot.

Here are some of my highlights of 2016:

  • The updated version of my book “Tax Lien Investing Secrets: How You Can Get 8-36% Return on Your Money Without The Typical Risk of Real Estate Investing or the Uncertainty of the Stock Market,” went to number 1 in 2 categories on Amazon!
  • I purchased my first HUD deal with a funding partner, managed the rehab and sold it 6 months later, making a nice profit for me and my partner. I’m now on my second deal. It’s a bigger house, a little more work on the rehab, and should yield an even bigger profit!
  • We conducted 2 new 6 week online trainings this year; one in the spring and one in the fall. They were our best trainings yet and are now available as online trainings.
  • In September my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We also got to go on a cruise together with our Investor Comps Online Mastermind group and we had a wonderful time away with like minded friends and our awesome real estate investing coach.
  • I was able to buy a handful of liens this year for investors in the Tax Lien Profits Club. All at decent interest rates.
  • I got to meet some of my subscribers and members and spend some time with them at a couple of live events for Investor Comps Online this year!
  • My final highlight of 2016 is all of you who read my posts and emails and all of subscribers and members that I got to talk to this year. So many of you told me you how you appreciate the information and training I deliver during free strategy sessions or member consultations that I did this year. Thank you for your trust in me!

What were some of your highlights of 2016?

I’d love to read them. If you like, you can share them in the comments below.

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