How To Get Tax Sale Sniper Software

My friend and colleague Rick Dawson has been quietly perfecting his “Tax Sale Sniper” patent-pending software system for 18 months, and only a few lucky people get it now and get to work with him one-on-one. His new Tax Sale Sniper Software is available to limited attendees of his next workshop this weekend from December 3-5. I really wish I could go but I have a family function to attend on Saturday December 4th and a webinar to do on the 5th.

I really, really, love his new software though, so you may see me at his next event. Here’s why I think that this software is a got to have tool for your tax lien investing:

  1. It has the tax sale lists for most of the tax sales that are coming up all over the country.
  2. If it doesn’t have a tax sale list that you want, you can get it loaded into the system.
  3. You can even have custom lists loaded into the viewer.
  4. All you need is a property identification number and the software will get all the assessment information.
  5. The best part – it will show an aerial view of the parcel and a google street view if it’s available.

Cool Huh!! Up until now only a few of Rick’s students have had access to this amazing tool. But you can get your hands on it this weekend when you attend his workshop in Charleston South Carolina December 3-5. I’ve heard from one of his students that has been using Tax Sale Sniper and he’s told me that the software alone was worth the tuition for this event. You see during this 3 day training, Rick gives you training on tax lien and redeemable deed investing (South Carolina is a redeemable deed state) and he shows you how to use the software to choose the right properties to research. Then he takes you to look at the properties, shows what to look for and what to look out for. And on the third day he takes you to the tax sale and shows you how to bid. And he guarantees that you’ll get at least one tax sale property.

This is his last live event of the year and he won’t be doing another one until next spring. But you don’t want to wait until then because Rick has indicated that the registration fee for this event is sure to be increased for next year. Learn all about Rick’s Incredible
software, how it works, and how you can get your hands on it AND participate in his next hands on workshop and buy some redeemable tax deeds…

CLICK HERE to watch a free video and find out more!

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