How You Can Successfully Invest In Tax Liens

It is always a treat to meet my members and subscribers that have been with me for a long time. I love to meet in person people that I’ve only had contact with over the phone or through email, and learn how I’ve helped them to invest in tax liens or tax deeds successfully! Here’s a little video from Len, who’s became a member in 2014 and has successfully invested in Colorado since then.

You can learn what you need to know to be a successful tax lien or tax deed investor on this free replay of the webinar “What You Need To Know To Successfully Invest In Tax Liens.” Go to to get the replay now.

You’ll want to watch it right away for 3 reasons:

The first reason is that I gave some results of a recent survey that we did to find out what you most wanted to learn about tax lien investing, and we got some really good feedback from this webinar. Here’s what a some of the participants had to say about it…

Walter said “I liked the part about the best states to invest in.”
Kenny said “Joanne is very precise and clear.”
and Maiya said she liked the “pros and cons of state that sell liens and deeds.”

The second reason that you that you want to watch this immediately is that I let everyone know about a brand new live training that I’m doing starting in a few days, and this training will answer all your questions about tax lien investing and give you all the knowledge and tools that you need to be a successful tax lien investor, and just in time for the Florida online tax lien sales.

And the 3rd reason that you want to watch this replay now is that I give away to free tools to help you find the right place to invest and get the tax sale information in this webinar!


I did get some questions about the Tax Lien Investing Secrets live training course that I talked about in the webinar, so I thought that I would answer them for you here…

Q: What’s different about this training?

A: This is an interactive training. On Monday of the first 5 weeks of the training there is a pre-recorded lesson. Then on Wednesday we have a Q & A call, which is a live call where you can get my help, and get all of your questions answered. The last week (week 6), there will not be a lesson and we will have 2 live calls so that you can get all the help you need and get all of your questions answered.

Q: What are the bonuses mentioned in the webinar?

A: The 3 bonus courses are the Buying Tax Liens Online course ($297 value). You can find out more about that course at The Online Tax Deed Sales course ($97 value) you can find out more about that at And the Arizona Tax Liens course ($497 value) – this course is not advertised anywhere on my site and consists of recordings from a live course I did during the 2014 Arizona tax sales. Also as a bonus you get a  month trial of my membership that includes access to Tax Sale Resources.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I really don’t have a refund policy for this course since it involves a lot of my time. But if you find that it’s not what you expected after the first week, I will give you a full refund.

Q: When are the classes and Q & A calls held?

A: The pre-recorded classes will be released each Monday for 5 weeks starting May 16 at 12pm Eastern time. There will be a live Q & A call each Wednesday at 6pm Eastern time starting Wednesday May 18 and ending on June 29. There will be 2 Q & A calls the last week of June. The Q & A calls will last 1.5 – 2 hours depending on how many people are in the course and show up for the calls as this is their chance to ask questions and get coaching from me.

Q: Are there any spots left for the for the fast action coaching bonus?

A: I still have a couple of spots for the private coaching call fast action bonus. If you order soon, you will be among the first 5 and will get a private coaching call with me before the training, to give you a head start. I don’t even have a sales page yet, but you can order at

Now to find out what will be covered in the training, watch the replay!


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