Arizona Online Tax Lien Sales

ArizonaTwo of the largest online winter tax sales are the Maricopa County, and Mohave County Arizona tax lien sales. The Maricopa tax sale ends today, but both of these counties also have “clean up” tax sales, where they sell everything that doesn’t sell in the first auction. And it’s not too late to register and bid in the Mohave tax county tax sale. These are the 2 largest tax sales this month, but there are also 5 other Arizona counties that have online auctions. And if you live in or near the state of Arizona; there are counties that have live auctions as well.


Last year I had a done-with-you training for the Arizona tax sales. And all of these trainings have been recorded and are available at 40% off the price of the original live training until the end of this month. So if you’ve been sitting on the fence because you don’t know how to get started, maybe now is the time for you to jump down off that fence and participate!

Find out more about this exclusive training for the Arizona tax sales at

You have to use the coupon code FEBRUARY to get your discount. Make sure that you apply the coupon code and see the price adjustment in the shopping cart BEFORE you enter your payment information.

And here’s a word to the wise investor. One of the first things that I do with my coaching clients before they bid at the tax sale is to get the results of past tax sales. This will let them know just how much they have to bid in order to win any liens. Last year in the larger Arizona tax sales like Maricopa and Mohave, bidders bid down to 2% and 3% for tax liens on residential properties. But vacant land was bid at much higher interest rates. My students and I were able to get liens on land at 7%. Now that’s not double digit returns but you certainly cannot get that in the bank, and you get to make that same rate on any subsequent taxes that you pay!

Land investing is one of the strategies that I’m using this year for tax liens for 2 reasons. One is that it’s a little less competitive than bidding on residential properties. The big hedge funds are not that interested in bidding on vacant land. And the second reason is that you have a higher chance of foreclosing on land than you do on residential properties. And if you do foreclose on land, you can turn it into passive income. Find out more about the benefits of land investing, from my good friend Mark Podolsky in his article on page 5 of this issue.

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