Summer Tax Sales Going On Now!

If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock market that will let you sleep at night without worrying about losing your nest egg… and wondering how and where to get started, look no further, for there is no shortage of summer tax sales!

Just because you missed the online tax lien sales in Arizona and Florida this year doesn’t mean you can’t start investing in tax liens now. There are plenty of summer tax sales going on right now and coming up through September. Here’s a breakdown of tax lien and tax deed sales throughout the country that are going on this month or coming up next month:

In the Southeast

In the Southeast US, you’ll find tax sales in Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.

If you are interested in the online tax lien sales, but you’re afraid that you won’t be able to get liens at good rates with all of the competition, I’ve got some news for you. The Florida online tax lien sales may be over – they finished up by June 1, but the county-held certificate sales are going on now, and some of them are online. These are the liens that did not sell in the tax sales earlier this year. They were taken over by the county and made available for bid on a first come, first serve basis. There is no bidding down the interest at these sales, and all certificates are awarded at the maximum interest rate – 18% per annum. The trick is getting in on these tax sales as soon as they open their doors to investors. There are not a lot of good properties in these left-over sales, but there are a few. They tend to get picked over pretty fast though, so you want to register for these tax sales and get your bids in as soon as you can. Make sure you do your due diligence on these properties before you bid! Florida counties also have tax deed sales going on all year long and many of them are online.

Most of the Maryland tax lien sales that are still coming up this month are live, but the Hartford County tax sale is online and ends on June 15. Four counties in Virginia have live tax deed sales this month and some counties in Georgia will have live redeemable deed sales on the first Tuesday of July.

In the Northeast

Many New Jersey municipalities hold their tax sales in June and you’ll find more of the NJ municipalities online this summer than were last summer. There are a few municipalities in Connecticut that have live tax sale in June, July, and August. Most of these tax sales are redeemable deed sales, but the town of East Hartford has a live tax lien sale on June 12. A couple of towns in Vermont will also have live tax lien sales this month and next. Sussex County Delaware has a live redeemable deed sale on the 16th of June, and the city of Springfield Massachusetts has a deed sale coming up this month. And in Pennsylvania the city of Philadelphia has redeemable deed sales throughout the summer – all of which are live. A couple of New York counties will have online tax deed auctions coming up in June.

In the Midwest

All of the Iowa tax lien sales take place on June 15, and some of these are online. Most of the Illinois tax lien sales are in the fall, but the Illinois tax sale season starts in August with the Cook County tax sale.

In the South

In the southern US you’ll find tax sales this summer in Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas.

Kentucky tax lien sales take place in July and August and all of these tax sales are live. Please note that if you plan to invest in the state of Kentucky and you plan to purchase more than 3 liens in any one county or more than 5 statewide, or you plan on investing more than $10,000 on Kentucky tax liens, you must register with the Kentucky Department of Revenue by May 15 in order to bid. Therefore if you have not already registered with the state of Kentucky to bid at their tax sales, you will only be able to purchase no more than 3 liens in any one county, no more than 5 liens total and spend no more than $10,000. If you have already registered with the state Department of Revenue, you will still have to register with the county clerk in the county where you plan to attend the tax sale. And pay careful attention to the registration and bidding procedures as they are quite different in Kentucky than in other states.

A couple of Louisiana cities have tax lien sales coming up this month and one of them in online. Some Texas counties have redeemable tax deed sales on the first Tuesday of each month. Counties in Tennessee only have their redeemable deed sales once a year, but this is the time of the year they do it. A couple of counties in the state of Arkansas will hold their tax deed sales this summer. These tax sales are not online, but they will accept bids through the mail.

In the West

The Southwestern states of Nevada and California have tax deed sales this summer. California counties have tax sales throughout the summer, most of which are online. White Pine County Nevada has a live tax deed sale on June 18. In the Northwest the counties of Montana and Wyoming will conduct their tax liens sales. Montana also has a very different bidding procedure than other sates, and while they do not have online tax sales, you can bid by mail.

In the North

The Michigan tax deed sales will begin later this summer and continue through early fall.

If you live or vacation in any of these states, why not look into tax sales this summer? For more detailed training on how to register and bid in tax sales, join the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™. You can get a little more information about what happens in each of these states in my State Guide. Download it for free and find out more about the Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™ at


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