Tax Lien Investing Quick Tip On Over The Counter Tax Liens

Here’s a short video with a tax lien investing quick tip for you on over the counter tax liens…

This is something that I haven’t really recommended for new investors in the past. But now I have 2 secret weapons to help you with this strategy – my friends at Fortris, LLC who are THE EXPERTS at buying OTC liens and deeds and their amazing new research tool, The Research Assistant. This new little piece of software makes it a lot easier to find those nuggets of gold that are hiding in that left-over tax lien list! It’s like finding needles in a haystack with a giant magnet!!

Watch the video to learn more about OTC liens and how you can the tools and hands-on, done-with-you training from myself and the experts at Fortris…..
Then go to to learn more.

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