Free Teleseminar: The Best Investing Strategies For 2015

The Best Investing Strategies for 2015 is the topic of Tax Lien Lady’s next free teleseminar on Wednesday, December 3, at 8:30 EST.

Tax lien investing has gotten very competitive over the last couple of years due to many new institutional players entering the market place. The industry has changed drastically. So what’s a tax lien investor to do? Can you still get double digit returns at lien investing? How about high single digit returns, is it still possible to get them? I will let you know just what’s going on in the industry in my next free teleseminar and will fill you in on what I think are the best strategies to get the best returns in today’s market.

This year I was able to cash in and make over 40% on one of my liens (and that was in only 15 months) with one of the strategies that I’ll tell you about.

Click on the video quick tip and find out more about our next teleseminar, then register at and let me know what question you would like me to answer about tax lien and tax deed investing strategies on the next call!

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