What’s Better Than Investing In Secondary Tax Liens?

making money from homeI like purchasing secondary tax liens from investors that I know and trust. By purchasing secondary tax liens you can avoid bidding at the tax sale. You still have to do your due diligence, but if you’re purchasing from an investor or entity you can trust sometimes they will actually do all the due diligence before they assign the lien to you. There are things to watch out for when purchasing secondary liens but it makes your work a whole lot easier since the original investor did most of the work and the bidding at the tax sale. You can purchase a lien that’s ready to foreclose. If the lien redeems sometime during the foreclosure process, you get redeemed right away and your money isn’t tied up for the entire redemption period. One of my coaching clients made 30% on his investment in only 9 months with this strategy!

So what’s better than investing in secondary tax liens? How about buying a secondary tax lien that is already at the end of the foreclosure process? When you purchase one of these liens you need to pay any subsequent taxes to bring the property tax current and get final judgment on the property. So you purchase the lien, pay any outstanding taxes since the original lien that you bought was purchased, and get the property. It’s actually a better way to get properties for less than what they’re worth than bidding at a deed sale. You don’t have to worry about being out bid by the competition! Get the replay and slides at http://taxlienladymembers.com/?p=1785.

We had a special webinar training for Tax Lien Lady members and students on the details of how this strategy works and how to get in on this special investment opportunity on Wednesday August 20th. I wanted to give the first opportunity to pick up these properties to my students and members since there were only a limited number of properties available on a first come, first serve basis. But there are a handful of properties left and now I’m giving everyone access to the replay of this webinar, and the slides from the webinar showing the properties that are still available.

Remember it’s first come, first serve on these properties so if you’re interested, put your deposit in right away and tell us which one you want, and we’ll set it aside for you. If the property has already been sold you have a choice, we’ll either give you a prompt refund of your deposit or put you on our waiting list for the next list of properties we get! We are expecting 15 more in the next month!

Subscribers to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area have access to a group training each month just for members and coaching clients. Plus members have access to over 3 years of archived trainings – all searchable by topic. So if you need help with something, you can search for training by topic! Find out more about other benefits of Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area at www.taxlienlady.com/Membership.htm.

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