Little Known Online Tax Deed Sales

online tax deed sales

online tax deed sales

Want to invest in tax deeds from a distance?

Here are the online tax deed sales coming up now through the summer.

If you’re interested in buying properties at tax deed auctions you might know that there are tax sales throughout the summer in California and in Florida. And you might know that most of the California online tax sales are conducted on and that most of the Florida online tax sales are conducted by or Grant Street Group. But that’s not what I want to tell you about in this article. I want to let you know about the lesser known and thus less competitive online auctions that you won’t find in the typical places. In fact sometimes they are not even listed by some tax sale providers.

New York State

Most of the counties of the state of New York have tax deed sales, and a few of these are online. The main auction company that handles these sales is There are a few NY counties that have online tax deed actions

coming up now and through the rest of the year. The auction company does a very good job of providing the data for the auctions, including a brochure listing the properties in the sale with pictures of the properties. They also have a showing of any vacant properties (usually a day or 2 before the auction date).


Louisiana is a tax lien state, but LA parishes also conduct tax deed sales and many of them are online. If a property does not sell in the tax lien sale, or Tax Title Sale as it is referred to in Louisiana, the tax title is adjudicated to the local government, which can later sell the property. These auctions are conducted on They are

the Adjudicated Property auctions, while the tax lien sales are known as Tax Title Sales. All of the properties in the Adjudicated Property Auctions are past the 3 year redemption period, so there is no right of redemption left on these properties. Louisiana law stipulates that the adjudicated property is sold at auction to the highest bidder and results in the purchaser acquiring full ownership to the property.

I have not seen any of the LA deed sales listed on any of the tax sale list providers, and there no tax deed sale dates for any of Parishes currently listed on Civic Source. However there are individual properties listed if you click on the view properties button under tax deed sales.

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