The Truth About Tax Lien Investing

truth-about-tax-lien-investingI’ve just updated my 99 cent Kindle book for 2014. The book was first published in 2012, but I wasn’t completely happy with it. So I added a little information to the book and changed the title. The new version is now available in the Kindle store on Amazon and it’s been selling quite well. Next month I’m going to up the price of the book to $2.99. But I want you to have the chance to buy it now while it’s 99 cents. I would love to have you review it.

This book is an introduction to tax lien investing. My next book will be a more comprehensive how to book on tax lien investing. This book is where you’ll find some of the best of what’s on this blog all in one place without having to search the blog for it. You’ll find the basics of tax lien investing in this book, including the 5 simple steps to buying profitable tax liens or deeds and the 6 things you need to know before you bid. You can get your copy on Amazon at

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