Free Webinar on Wednesday, November 13: “The Texas 2-Step for Tax Sales”

Did You Know That By Investing in Redeemable Tax Deeds You Can Get Properties For 25% Of Their Value?

Tax Lien Lady and the Tax Deed Gentleman

Tax Lien Lady and the Tax Deed Gentleman

In the state of Texas the redemption period is only 6 months on non-homesteaded properties and the penalty that homeowners have to pay to redeem their property is 25% of the bid amount. So even if you don’t get the property, you do get an excellent return on your investment.

Because the property owner has to come up with so much money to redeem, properties in Texas do not usually redeem. The great thing about Texas is that once you purchase a redeemable deed you are the owner of the property and you can fix it up to some extent and collect rent for the property. If the owner does redeem during the 6 month period, you get 25% on your investment plus allowed rehab costs and any tax payments made.  

A while ago we had a training webinar with Arnie Abramson of Texas Tax Sale Resources and he let us know how the tax sale process in Texas works, how much money do you need to get started. But there are a few problems for the investor and in this next webinar Arnie will tell us how we can get around them.

Join us next Wednesday November 13, at 8:30pm Eastern Time – At No Charge!

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