Get Excited About Your Goals!

goal settingAre you excited about your goals? Here are some tips from Be Motivated Today about to get excited about your goals that can lead to helping you achieve your goals faster…

Whenever you face a task or a goal or just have a wish that you think is beyond your capability to achieve, it is essential that you get your emotions deeply involved. If you can become passionate, excited or even angry about something, it can give you that impetus to become more committed and determined to achieve it.

Think deeply about the following questions. Answer them in as much detail as possible as you consider something that you really would like to achieve, but at this stage seems unlikely. Ponder them. Explore your heart and mind deeply to discover how you really feel.

Why do I want to achieve this?

What will I get out of it?

Why is this so important to me?

In 5 (or 10) years, what would I regret not having done today?

How will I feel if I never achieve this?
Let the answers, and the emotions they evoke, drive and motivate you to plan and work tirelessly to achieve them!

I am passionate about achieving … (fill in the blanks)
I am sick and tiered of not … (fill in the blanks)
I will not go to my grave without … (fill in the blanks)

Be all you can be.

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