Monday Motivation: Forgiving

not forgiving is like drinking poisonSomeone once said: “Bearing a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

It often seems impossible to forgive, because the pain is so great. Yet the awesome reality is, that when we forgive we feel a tremendous release as the burden of resentment is lifted. Sometimes we don’t even want to contemplate forgiving those who have offended us. But one just has to make that decision and do it. The benefit is worth it. Less pain & tension, fewer headaches and much more peace. Yes, definitely more peace.

Forgiveness is essential for emotional health. But forgiving someone is not always easy. It means choosing to pardon the offence that has been committed. It does not mean that a criminal should not be punished. Justice must take its course.

But in your heart you choose to set them free from your anger, wrath, resentment or desire for revenge and retribution. The key is to forgive all who offend you as quickly as you can – to keep forgiving. If you carry any anger or resentment towards anyone, it indicates unforgiveness. It will harm you, not the offender. As soon as you become aware of anger or bitterness toward anyone, make a decision that you want to forgive them in the next week or so. Make a note and start preparing yourself mentally to release that person.

I heard this saying once: “Forgiveness is setting a person free, only to discover the prisoner was you”

We all carry baggage with us. It is usually on an emotional level. One of the keys to getting rid of the baggage, is to forgive those who have hurt us. Resentment is like a cancer.

Is there anyone that you need to forgive? Even from way back in your past? You can. It is a process but you can.

I am a forgiving person
I don’t hold grudges
I will forgive … (fill in the blank)

Be all you can be.

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