How To Find Out About Tax Sales

One of the questions that I get often about tax lien investing is “How do I find out when and where the tax sales are?”

If you want to know how to find out about tax sales – keep reading

First, I want to make it clear that tax lien and tax deed sales are auctions, usually conducted by the county, but sometimes the municipality (in the Northeast), or a law firm (in some redeemable deed states). So one way to find these sales is to search the county website. If you would like to have your work made easier for you and be able to find out what tax sales are coming up when, then you may want to pay for a service that does this for you and lets you know when a tax sale is coming up and when the tax sale list is available.

There are 2 services that I’m familiar with for finding out tax sale information and getting the tax sale lists for all of the U.S. You can get a free subscription to and search each state to find out what tax sales are coming up. Of course I prefer to use and do a custom search to see what’s coming up.

how to find out about tax sales

Custom Search on

With the custom search on TaxLienLady-Database you can search for online tax sales coming up in the next month or next 3 months. You can search for the type of tax sale that you want (liens, deeds, or redeemable deeds), search only in a specif states, and you can specify the type of bidding you want, if you only want couties with OTC liens or deeds, or only online tax sales. And you also have access to the procedures and laws in each state, and links to county web sites to do your due diligence.

A free membership to Tax Sale Resources is included with a subscription to Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area.

If you are actually looking for a web site where you can bid on tax liens or tax deeds online, I do have 2 recommendations for you. Most of the online deed sales for California are conducted on They also conduct online deed sales for a few counties in other states. You can find online tax lien sales in Arizona, Colorado, and Florida, plus a couple of counties in other sates, and online tax deed sales in Florida on Real Auction handles some, but not all of the online tax lien sales. If you would like a guide that lists all of the counties with online tax sales and their websites, there is such a guide in my Buying Tax Liens Online course. The course also comes with webinar replays and video tuturials that show you how to register and bid at the online tax lien sales.

For searching property records online, not all counties give you the ability to do this and some that do will charge for online access.Some counties do provide free property records searches online. A helpful site for this is This is a portal site with links to environmental and public records web sites. You will also find links to property records web sites and tax assessment information web sites on

One of the services that I provide for my members is to search for upcoming tax sales each month and inform my members in the monthly webinar training. And members also get a free subscription to TaxLienLady-database, so they can also do custom searchs, find tax sale lists, and get county links for doing due diligence. You can find out more about Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area at

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