Tax Lien Investing Overload

Are you overwhelmed with information about Tax Lien Investing and don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve been to a seminar and then searched online for information about tax lien investing and found so many different opinions about what is the best way to get started that now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Or maybe you’ve even purchased a couple of programs and found conflicting advise about how to get started, or what’s the best strategy for making money from tax delinquent properties. After all:

  • * Some say that there’s too much competition at the tax sale and it’s better to invest in over the counter liens, but others say that only junk properties are left over.
  • * Some say that Texas is the best state to invest in, but you want to invest online and the redeemable deeds they sell in Texas can only be purchased in person.
  • * Some say that you can purchase a tax lien for only a couple hundred of dollars and get the property, but others say that you don’t get the property from a tax lien you need to buy tax deeds or redeemable deeds if you want the property.
  • * Some say that tax deed sales are too competitive and the best way to buy a tax deed property is to purchase it from the owner before the tax sale.
  • * Some say that finding tax sale overages is a faster way to make money than investing tax liens or tax deeds.

What is the best way to make money from tax delinquent properties and the easiest way to get started, and where is the best place to invest after all?

The truth is,¬†there is no one-size-fits-all answer that works best for everyone. It really depends on you –

  • * Where you live
  • * How much money you have to invest
  • * If you want to own property or not
  • * How much time you have to invest
  • * How soon you need to make a profit

For me to be able to answer this question for you I’d have to know more about you and what your goals are, but I can help you with understanding more about what you really can expect from tax lien investing, and the different strategies for investing in tax delinquent properties.

In my More Profit From Tax Liens course you’ll learn about:

  • * How you can get paid faster on your tax lien or redeemable deed
  • * How to buy delinquent properties before the tax and turn them into a monthly income
  • * How to do due diligence for tax sale properties
  • * A Tax Lien State that doesn’t have online tax sales but does allows you to mail in your bids
  • * A Tax Deed State that allows you to mail in bids for left-over deeds for less than the delinquent taxes

It’s all in this $49 online course and you can find out more at

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