“Protect Your Retirement” Webinar Replay


We recently had an eye-opening webinar with attorney Tim Berry on protecting your retirement. Tim gave us such important information on protecting the money in your self-directed IRA that I thought I should make it available to everyone. We all consider the money in our IRA accounts to be safe from creditors and safe from the IRS, but that isn’t always the case. You’ll want to watch this webinar and make sure that your retirement account is protected!

Here’s what a couple of the participants in the live webinar had to say about it:

“I wasn’t planning on listening in on this webinar since I’m already working with another tax lien training program but thanks to Joanne’s incessant messaging about her programs and partnerships such as this I received a huge benefit”

— Dave G.

“I was days away from an self direct IRA now I will just take a deep breath and  sit back and think about the mistake I almost made. Thank goodness I was a member and was on this call.”

— Ron P.

For more information from Tim about this topic, come to our Tax Lien Investing Conference on April 14 at Shawnee Inn in Shawnee on Delaware PA. Get all of the details at

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