Monday Motivation: Past Experiences

Here’s an another inspiring message from Arnfried Klein-Warner of Be Motivated Today:

So often we see our past failures as the final authority for determining that our future is also doomed to failure. Yet millions have failed, tried again and then achieved. You too have had failures that you turned into successes.

Have you recently failed at anything? You can turn even this failure into success. Why should this one be any different?No, really, why should it?? You can learn more, do more, or do it differently. You can achieve it.

We all have achieved certain things in our lives. Academic achievements, sports achievements, career achievements. Yet often we forget them and don’t let them encourage us to do more or try again.

Your past accomplishments are proof that you can do more. Great things have already been achieved, and they indicate that you will still be able to do more in the future. You are older, smarter and wiser.

Failures simply indicate that either you still need to learn some things, or that you were not ready at the time.

Don’t judge your future by your past.

My life is an adventure in achievement
I have done so much
I can do more

Be all you can be,


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