Use Affirmations To Reach Your Goals

Here’s some help from Be Motivated Today to help you meet your goals for 2012 and keep your New Year’s Resolutions:

There is an important discipline one needs to practice to help one remain motivated and enthusiastic while working towards great goals. It will not be new to you, but I want to relate it to achieving your goals.

You know that our beliefs will hinder or help us in any endeavour. And it is our beliefs which often hold us back. If we start believing that we can?t achieve a goal, that belief will stop us in our tracks or slow us down, even if we were making good progress.

You may also know that if one continually affirms certain statements, one will start believing them. Whether they are true or not. The mind does not argue the truth of a statement if it continually hears it.

This means that you can build your belief system about your ability to achieve your objectives by continually affirming to yourself that you have achieved your goals.

Therefore you need to choose a few affirmations for each of your goals.
These you then repeat 10 times, every morning and evening.
For Example. ?I’m on holiday in Rio de Janeiro.? ?I weigh (your goal weight)? “I have my degree in …”

If you have not done so already, choose a few affirmations for each of your goals now.

If you have not written out your affirmations, then do that now.

Be all you can be.

With Fond Regards

Arnfried Klein-Werner
Motivator & CEO – Be Motivated Today

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