Florida Tax Lien Investing Q & A

tax lien investing Q & ASince the Florida tax lien auctions are coming up in May I thought that everyone could benefit from the answer to this question that I got about Florida tax lien investing…

Question:  Florida tax liens from 2011 expire in May – how does one prompt property owners to pay up?  How do you file Tax Deeds and what are the costs/risk and benefits.

Answer & Clarification: Before I answer this question, I just want to give a little clarification about what it means when a lien expires and what happens in Florida if your tax lien doesn’t redeem. Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Spring Tax Sales?

Are you ready to to invest in tax liens or tax deeds? There is no shortage of spring tax sales. Spring is a great time to get involved in tax lien investing no matter what your investment goal or where you live. Here’s what’s coming up in March and April… Continue reading

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The Secret To Making Money With Tax Liens

top secret

Are you making money with tax liens yet?

Do you go to seminars, buy the courses, watch the webinars, read the books about how to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds, but don’t do anything? Do you get excited about making money with tax liens or tax deeds, and even though you have all the courses, still feel that you don’t know enough to get started?

If so this is a self defeating pattern that is not getting you anywhere. Let’s change it! Continue reading

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Nebraska Tax Sales

Nebraska is a lien state. The interest rate is 14% per annum and the redemption period is 3 years. Nebraska uses the “bid down the percent ownership” method of bidding. Since this system does not work very well and is not popular with bidders or counties, most Nebraska tax sales make use of a “rotational” bidding system. The following information was taken from the Douglas County Treasurer’s website a few years ago: Continue reading

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Take Advantage of Upcoming Online Tax Sales

online tax salesHere’s How You Can Take Advantage of the Upcoming Online Tax Sales…

There is a lot going on this month when it comes to online tax lien and tax deed investing, there are tax sales happening all over the country. So where are the online tax sales?

Online Tax Sales in the Northeast

There are online tax sales going on right now in Nassau County, NY and some cities and towns in New Jersey. Nassau County NY (Long Island) has always had a big tax lien sale every year in February. It’s an important tax sale because most of the counties in New York sell deeds, not liens. Although the 5 Boroughs of New York City sell liens, they bundle them up into big packages and their tax sales are only open to big hedge funds, not to individual investors. The big news this year is that this is the first time that the Nassau county tax lien sale! The tax sale is being held by Grant Street, and you find the online bidding site at www.bidnassaucountyny.com.

RealAuction.com hosts the New Jersey tax sales. New Jersey, like many of the northeastern states, doesn’t have large county tax sales. Each of the municipalities have their own tax sale. There are 550 municipalities in New Jersey and they each have a tax sale once a year. Prior to 2012 they were all live tax sales. But now, many of them are online. Continue reading

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