Online Tax Lien Sales: What New Counties Are Having Their Tax Sales Online?

Online Tax Lien Sales

What’s new in online tax lien sales?

As you may be aware there are new counties conducting online tax lien sales all the time. And this year there is at least one county in this state that has never had an online tax sale before, conduct their tax sale online. Find out which county in which state is going online this summer! And find out how you can get involved in their tax sales, because not everyone can invest in this state. There are certain criterion that you have to meet before you can invest in this state. Learn what they are. Find out what new counties have tax sales online this summer and how you can participate in them in the Buying Tax Liens Online Coursenewly updated for 2017!

I’m now updating the Buying Tax Liens Online course. It was last updated in 2014 and since then, 2 new states have started to have their tax lien sales online, one just this year. All the info that you need to participate in these tax sales will be in the updated version of this course, and if you have already purchased the course, you will get access to the updated version. This course is delivered digitally inside the Buying Tax Liens Online Owner’s web site. Whenever I update any part of the course, whether I add a video training or update the Guide to Online Tax Lien Sales with new information, you get it instantly when you log in to the BTLO owners site.

Don’t have the course yet? Get in now at and be the first to get the new updates when they’re published!

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Florida Online Deed Sales – 2017

The Florida tax lien sales are done for the year. Most of them are over by June 1. But did you know that there are plenty of Florida deed sales online all year long? Unlike other states where deed sales only happen once a year, some counties in Florida have tax deed sales as often as once a week! And some of these counties conduct their tax sales online.

The reason that there are so many tax deed sales throughout the year in Florida, instead of just one county tax sale each year, is that Florida is really a tax lien state. Their tax lien sales are held only once a year in May. What’s different about Florida tax liens is that you do not get to foreclose on the property if the lien doesn’t redeem. Instead, you apply for the property to go into a tax deed sale. The property is sold at the tax deed auction, and the tax lien is satisfied. There are pros and cons to this system, both for the tax lien holder and the tax deed investor.

Pros and Cons for the Tax Lien Investor

As long as you do your due diligence on the tax sale properties and only bid on good properties, you won’t have to worry about getting the property. You can be confident that someone will bid on the property at the tax sale and your lien will be paid. You do have to pay an application fee (which varies with each county) and you will have to redeem any other outstanding tax liens and pay any subsequent taxes. The bright side to this is that everything you pay from this point on will earn 18% interest until the property is sold at the tax sale, or is redeemed. The property can still be redeemed until it is actually purchased at the tax deed auction.

Pros and Cons for Tax Deed Investors

Since there is a continual feed of properties into the tax deed sales from tax lien investors, there are multiple tax sales a year, perhaps even each month. The drawback to this is that unlike the big county sales in other states there are a limited amount of properties in each sale. Competition can be intense, especially if the tax sales are online.


Want Specific Training For Online Tax Deed Sales Around The Country?

You can find out more about online tax deed sales around the country in Tax Lien Lady’s Guide to Online Tax Deed Sales. Discover where to find the tax sale information, how to register for these tax sales and how to research tax sale properties online. Find out more at

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What You Need To Know About Secondary Tax Liens

Don’t get caught in the trap of buying secondary tax liens without understanding what you’re getting into!

Tax lien investing has become very competitive over the last 5 years, with more and more hedge funds jumping into the market. Some of these fund companies have paid too much for liens and are now selling in the secondary market. There is a big market for these liens right now because of the increased competition at tax sales, and everyone is trying to capitalize on it. The problem is that you can lose money on secondary tax liens if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s really important to know what you’re getting into before you purchase secondary tax liens. Don’t fall for the trap of buying secondary liens that you haven’t researched. Continue reading

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Free Advanced Tax Lien Investing Training

Did you know that you can get more profit from tax liens and do it from the comfort of your home? In this free  Advanced Tax Lien Investing training video, “More Profit From Tax Liens,” you’ll learn how to get better returns on your tax liens, without waiting long redemption periods, or bidding at the tax sale.

And while you watch the video, I’ll also send you a copy of my “Tax Certificate Sales” Special Report where you’ll find out the 5 steps to buying profitable tax liens and deeds and 7 advanced strategies for investing, most of which you can do from home without going to the tax sale, and without having to wait long redemption periods to get paid.

When I started investing in tax liens back in 2002, there wasn’t much available to tell me anything about how to do it. But I learned what I needed to know to start buying profitable tax lien certificates. Yes, I made some mistakes along the way, but I learned from them, and I started teaching others how to do what I was doing. I’d like to share with you some of the methods that I’ve uncovered to make more money from tax liens, get tax liens and tax deeds without going to the tax sale and profit from tax delinquent properties without having to do a lot of due diligence!

Want to know how you can buy tax liens and tax deeds without attending the tax sale?

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Will I See YOU At The Next Investor Summit?

ICO Investor Summit April 2017

Spending time with Kayle, an Tax Lien Profits Accelerator Member, at the ICO Investor Summit in Atlanta

I had a great time last weekend at the Investor Comps Online Investor Summit with my real estate investor buddies from all over the country and some of my tax lien investing students that are now starting to invest in HUD deals. We had an awesome weekend and now I’m inspired to do some more HUD deals. I just looked at 3 more HUD properties this week, and had put more bids in!

Taking action is important

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