Free Encore Advanced Tax Lien Investing Training Preview

There is still time to register and attend my free preview of the advanced tax lien investing training and get a free gift to help you with your tax lien investing on Saturday May 13 at 12pm (noon) Eastern Time/9:00am Pacific! This Saturday, May 13, I will give a free preview of my Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets (ATLIS) Training. The training, “How to Get Better Returns on Your Tax Liens, Without Waiting Long Redemption Periods or Bidding at the Tax Sale!” is scheduled for Saturday May 13, at 12pm Eastern time/9:00am Pacific.

And I’ll be giving away a free gift to all who attend this live training. You can register now for the live webinar at

This Training is for you if…

You’re not making the money you thought you would on your tax lien investments

You want to start investing in tax liens but don’t know how to start

You want to make sure that this is a good investment strategy before you get involved

You want to learn about tax lien investing from someone you can trust

You don’t want to wait long redemption periods and you want to profit faster from your tax liens

This Training is NOT for you if….

You don’t have at least $5000 to invest

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

Why you might not be getting good tax liens or redeemable tax deeds at the tax sale

Why buying left over liens or deeds is not a good idea.

The best way to buy profitable tax liens or get properties for back taxes, without competition.

You’ll also find out about a new online mentoring program starting next week that you’ll get a special discount to join when you attend this preview training.

Plus I will be answering questions on this live call and it’s free to attend!

Register now for the live webinar at

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Will I See YOU At The Next Investor Summit?

ICO Investor Summit April 2017

Spending time with Kayle, an Tax Lien Profits Accelerator Member, at the ICO Investor Summit in Atlanta

I had a great time last weekend at the Investor Comps Online Investor Summit with my real estate investor buddies from all over the country and some of my tax lien investing students that are now starting to invest in HUD deals. We had an awesome weekend and now I’m inspired to do some more HUD deals. I just looked at 3 more HUD properties this week, and had put more bids in!

Taking action is important

Continue reading

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Learn This Powerful Strategy To Be Your Own Bank

Join me and family wealth counselor, David Xi, as he teaches you a very unique and be your own bankpowerful strategy, that lets you be your own bank. Wall Street and banks wish you never find out about this strategy, sometimes called the infinite banking concept. This strategy will help you:

  • Eliminate debt and recapture hundreds of thousands of interest payments you normally pay banks
  • Recapture unnecessary wealth transfers in five major areas: taxes, mortgages, qualified plans, college funding, and major purchases such as cars, wedding and vacation
  • Recapture your children’s college expenses, after you have spent them
  • Safe and guaranteed way to generate tax free retirement income, and potentially eliminate income taxes during retirement
  • Guarantee your investment principal and returns – this strategy has generated tax free investment returns for clients for over 150 years, each and every year, non-stop
  • Potentially increase your family net worth by $500,000 or more

In fact David has helped me use this strategy to pay down my debt and buy a “new” car. It’s a way that you can finally get ahead financially, by being your own bank. The live call is free and you can register now at

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Get Profitable Tax Lien Investments With This…

I’m giving away the same tax lien management software that I use for my own profitable tax lien investments to the next 3 people that enroll in my Inner Circle Elite Coaching and coach with me for the next 3 months.
Watch this short video to get the details…

Find out more about the Inner Circle Elite Monthly mentoring program at

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Tax Sales Coming Up Now

Arizona tax salesThere are a lot of tax sales coming up in the next few weeks, both online and live; tax lien sales, deed sales, and redeemable deed sales. Spring is a great time to get involved in tax lien investing no matter what your investment goal or where you live. Continue reading

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